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slutty girls that belong to social sororities
"I'm not going to go out with any of those sorostitutes!"
by KB September 28, 2003

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Known as a person of a shapely size using unknown words to describe their feelings...
coco! bud. I did it for youuuuuu.
by kb May 11, 2004

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The angry, violent state some pregnant women may resort to after their first trimester
Holy shit! Run! Pregzilla returns !
:::gnashes teeth and sharpens deadly, bloody claws:::
by kb June 26, 2003

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A layer of toilet paper laying on the top of the water in the toilet to keep you from getting backsplash.
Luckily the landing pad was there to catch my massive shit.
by kb June 18, 2006

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commonly used insult, suggests the person jacks off a lot.
Shut the fuck up, slapnuts.
by kb June 26, 2003

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A part of the nervous system that makes a person hungary, girl crazy, get PMS, and makes people irritable.
That bitch needs to get her hypothalamus checked!
by KB February 20, 2004

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cum sauce or spew
Tony spurted boybutter all over Pete's attempt at a six-pack of a stomach, as the two performed for their masturbating audience.
by KB October 08, 2003

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