Polymorphic is a term widely used in the furry community to describe a character who can transform between forms at will.
I've made my character polymorphic, he can change his form AND his sex!
by Echo2K4 January 18, 2004
A spell used in World of Warcraft by mages as a use of Crowd Control. It generelly turns the target into a sheep, however through Glyphs can be changed to other critters.
Raid Leader: "Moon is sheep"
Mage: "Gotcha!"
*Mage casts Polymorph and the raid is saved!*
by Xrystal January 27, 2009
polymorphites suffer from polymorphitus, a disease that causes the individual to have two sets of interchangeable genitalia, a concept known as polymorphism
by TomJohn February 3, 2009
Polymorph: Poly = "many" + Morph = "form" Hence, manyformed.
Republicans wrap themselves in the flag, create jobs and say they are patriotic but are polymorphic in action because they
ship jobs to China, ship the middle class and poor to war and
sell their souls and asses to businessmen who are anything but. See the polymorph change color and form as soon as the bullets fly.
by kb June 19, 2006
The act of evolving from the standard 'two person' relationship, into something involving the 'loving of more than one other'.

Where once a person was monogamous, now they practice Polyamory.
I am so in love with my husband, but after going through a period of polymorphism it has allowed me to also love his best mate as well!
by dazd1970 March 6, 2017
Taking two (or more) times the prescribed quantity of prescription pain killers, usually for the specific purpose of getting high. The phrase refers to the oral ingestion of tablets or capsules only. The most common pain killers used for recreational polymorphing are t3, also called Tylenol #3, with codeine, oxycodone, and hydrocodone.
"Hey, Tommy C! What're you doing tonight?"
"I dunno. What's up?"
"Me and Funk are polymorphing, thanks to my grandma's doctor!"
by G Purvis July 25, 2008
A type of trojan horse that changes with every server that is created by the server generator. The server generator uses a pseudo-random algorithm to create new, unique and random sequences of code instructions with every server that is created. The result is thousands, sometimes millions of possible different mutations of the one trojan, all of which have unique code - this makes detection very difficult, and today we see that only a few scanners can handle polymorphics.
The world's most polymorphic trojan at present is the Donald Dick.
by ganban May 24, 2005