the water that sprays upwards from a toilet when you shit too hard
I knew that guy shits bricks...when he came out of the toilet he got backsplashed so bad he looked like he had a shower
by krak ho August 18, 2003
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n. That refreshing little spash of toilet water that hits you right on the hole after you've plopped a turd just right. Mmmm, mountain fresh.....
When you've got the 'roids, a nice backsplash is so soothing!
by Big Brett the Bombthreat January 13, 2004
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when you take a huge grumpy and your bum gets wet.
dude, he took such a big shit, it made the water backsplash his ass.
by madhairdresser February 18, 2009
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the water that splashes up onto your butt when you take a dump
I hate how cold backsplash is on my butt.
by Bensey January 16, 2008
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When you are pooping and a large piece of poo splashes toilet bowl water back into your asscrack.
"Dude, I had to take a major dump and I totally forgot about controlling my backsplash! All the toilet water wetted my ass!"
by kentman March 2, 2015
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the pee that splashes on you by accident while pissing in front of a urinal
Having backsplash on your pants can really fuck up your day.
by sheezy03 November 1, 2006
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To drink a lquid from a straw and spit it back out in the straw.
Shelly did a backsplash in her Mountain Dew.
by Sibbie December 6, 2003
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