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the water that sprays upwards from a toilet when you shit too hard
I knew that guy shits bricks...when he came out of the toilet he got backsplashed so bad he looked like he had a shower
by krak ho August 18, 2003
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When a heavy and/or furiously excreted turd hits the toilet water so hard that it causes a splash of water to jump up and stain your upper body clothing.
God damn Son! I suffered a major back splash when i dropped the kids at the pool just now! All my shit be shitty as a shitty ass mutha fucker!
by Dr Jones the Jew February 20, 2008
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n. That refreshing little spash of toilet water that hits you right on the hole after you've plopped a turd just right. Mmmm, mountain fresh.....
When you've got the 'roids, a nice backsplash is so soothing!
by Big Brett the Bombthreat January 13, 2004
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Noun - the "spray" resulting from the use of a urinal, usually resulting in pee speckled pants/shorts and hands.

Typical causes - standing too close, excessive stream strength.
Tom: Hey man, What happened to your pants? Get caught in a sudden crotch downpour?

Jimmy: Ha-ha. No, stupid back splash from the urinal...
by BlackjackII April 07, 2008
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The splashing back of dirty toilet water on your anus after dropping a monster duce.
damn man, i just shit so big that i got back-splashed.
by Aaron Cobb November 24, 2007
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