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1) v. initially a skateboarding term meaning to employ all of one's super tricks in a grand display of prowess: now, by extension, it means to use all of one's resources to accomplish any task or display ones dexterity or intelligence.

2) v. when said by a pimp it means to obtain the earnings of one's prostitute.
Radical leapstand bro! But I am going to empty the trick bag and make you totally my wheelnut monkey.

When the Shriners are in town I have to empty the trick bags thrice nightly or the ladies are tempted to hide the shine.
by gnostic1 January 21, 2011
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place. Hamlet in Australia reknowned for its drover-fueled wallaby husbandry activity and gravel piles strategically placed to block the views of the lamers sand-surfing. The abscence of any competitive sports teams makes it a codger's paradise.

Often compared unfavourably to Riker's Island by the Greater Brisbane Tourist Council, Eudlo is fast becoming a go-to destination for NASA and other groups looking to test vehicles on inhospitable ground.

"Beautiful plumage!" and other catch-phrases are often heard at the Eudlo and District Monty Python Festival every spring.

G'Day mate! Fancy a stride down Eudlo way tonight? We could toss some Fosters into the chunder wagon and melon a kangy. My esopho's drier than a gecko's armpit.

Struth! My shiela will do me an injury if we rattle the woomerra again!

by gnostic1 December 23, 2011
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Beverage that contains too much alcohol or soporific drug.
This evilboosh has got me drunk and someone has peed my pants.
by gnostic1 June 21, 2010
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v. 1) skateboarder term synonymous with "hang five". Usually used in an ironic sense or by lame wannabees.

2) a sexual euphemism.

Dudes! I got me some new driftwood and I am going to totally Ang Vee tonight!

Yeah? Well I don't look it but I assure you I am very thrilled for you.
by gnostic1 August 23, 2011
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n. sack or sports bag purpose-built to carry fencing swords, mask, uniform etc.
Excusez-moi. Has madamoiselle seen my touche bag magnifique?

Mais non! Nor do I wish to see it!

Perhaps madamoiselle understands not. La touche bag is something I slide over my sword to keep it clean.
by gnostic1 July 15, 2011
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n. The damaged flesh where a long-time heroin addict has inserted too many needles.

1) Check out the track meat on that banger. Looks like a machete wound that's been shark-bit.

2) Hey mom! Today teacher tell me, "Best track meat ever!" Now who's the bolt?

You the bolt.

Straight up I'm the bolt!
by gnostic1 August 5, 2012
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n. fictitious being who bestows cute smiles on pretty womenfolk.

Hi Princess. Looks like you need a visit from the smile fairy.

He's not going to take my lips away and leave me a quarter under my pillow is he?

No! No! He takes frowns away.

And leaves money?
by gnostic1 August 2, 2011
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