Said after something that may be taken as homosexual.
-Pull it out, pause.
-Son, that ball is huge, pause.
by m1c August 12, 2004
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used to stop the "aye-yo"'ing of a subject after a homosexual comment has been made. also see "no homo"
these are some good nuts, pause.
by white mike November 3, 2003
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What you say when someone says something gay
Dude 1: I'm gonna try my hardest. I'm gonna give him everything I got.
Dude 2: Pause
(adapted from "The Boondocks"
by Your_Favorite_Pseudonym September 21, 2011
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1) Used to stop yourself after you realize that you've made an error while speaking. You then continue after the pause.

2) Can also be used by a male or female to stop themselves after they've said a homo sounding comment.
1. I just saw Jen (standing next to me) pause...I mean Karen at the store.

2. Yo he is madd big. Pause. I mean big as in tall.
by KimJ2010 April 14, 2007
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When in deep argument or discussion with one or more people, someone can interrupt with a loud and stern saying of "pause." This automatically lets everyone else know they need to shut up immediately. The person who announced "pause" has something extremely important or critical to the topic at hand that he or she MUST let everyone know about this information immediately. After said information is disclosed, the "pauser" must call "un-pause" to continue the original conversation where it left off, or to continue it with the newly added information.
"Ok, so there's a party at Jerrys house this Friday. We gotta go to this. EVERYONE"S gonna be there. ALLLL the hot bitches. Lauren, Liz, Sarah, Tina, Chelsea..."
"PAUSE! Pause! TINA's gonna be there??? Big tits Tina??"
"Yeah man she's definitely gonna be there!"
"Well shit, we are DEFINITELY there then. For sure."
by Metalmania82 November 10, 2011
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A definition of freezing something, like a game..
You press "P", it says "Your game is now paused"
by Odda2k March 8, 2004
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An undertimend but usually definite lapse of time for a break between a couple.
Baby, i think we need a pause from our relationship.
by DeBuDGuY March 31, 2003
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