Someone not very bright.
"What a dim fool."
by CS January 8, 2004
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A person who has such a compelling effect on you.

You fall in love with dims.

You are forever like magnets that attract but also repel. You are forever going to be inlove with them and once you think your moving on they will come back into your life. They wont neccesarily be the best person for you but you cant explain it they just have this thing over you.

If they are your first love you have to have strength to get over them.

dim coming from the term dimme (demon) they are your demon of love and lust

dim also coming from the two peole who inspired this.
"I dont kno how to explain it i guess he's my dim"

"Dont worry i know how you feel i have a guy/girl like that too join the dim club!"

"So hows the dim situation?" "He msgd me lastnight"
by hopelessygotadim June 17, 2009
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acronym for "dick in mouth", used to describe someone who talks like they have a dick in their mouth.
"Scott! I can't understand what you're saying, you dim!"
by Big Hands September 17, 2007
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a method to declare a variable in
dim test as string
dim count as integer
by mike December 23, 2004
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Another word for a dime or dimmy bag of weed
"Let me get a dim bag"
by Peachez June 9, 2004
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Something that is cheesey or lame; When someone finds something that is lame or doesn't match their standards.
by Marty Baltiero February 20, 2007
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an abbreviation for dick-in-mouth.
should be used frequently, when attempting to harass a slutty mutual friend.
Mariah, did you go dim(ing) this weekend?
by corianel March 28, 2009
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