The hard-rock band consisting of
Steven Tyler:Vocals, keyboards, harmonica
Joe Perry: Guitars, background vocals
Brad Whitford:Rythm guitar
Tom Hamilton:Bass
Joey Kramer:Drums
Songs such as: Dream On, Walk This Way, Dude Looks Like a Lady, Sweet Emotion, Get a Grip and Janie's Got a Gun.
by Jeran Brown February 1, 2005
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One of the most successful rock bands ever. The 5 band members, defined above, have been going for over 30 years, and are planning for another studio album next year. They are not a Rolling Stones rip-off; if Steven Tyler did not have a big mouth, like Mick Jagger, they would have never been referred to as rip-offs. For a true taste of Aerosmith, listen to their 4th studio release, Rocks, and their most recent live compilation, Rockin' The Joint.

And a side note, Aerosmith's guitarist Brad Whitford is NOT a rhythm player or a not-as-good-as-Joe-Perry player. He is responsible for some of the band's best songwriting, and should be considered in a much higher regard.
People have a false idea of Aerosmith after hearing 'I Don't Want To Miss A Thing', a song they were approached to and asked to perform. Go to any live show to see that Aerosmith is really the best and one of the most experienced bands out there.
by 2mike22 December 27, 2005
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The greatest rock band America ever produced, Aerosmith are still out there, rockin' hard and keeping the rock music scene alive. Not heavy like Ozzy or Metallica, Aerosmith is a true blues-rock band, and were the inspiration for Slash to start playing guitar the way he does.

Steven Tyler
Joe Perry
Tom Hamilton
Brad Whitford
Joey Kramer

Some of their most famous songs include Walk This Way, Dream On, Dude (Looks Like A Lady), Janie's Got A Gun, Sweet Emotion, Last Child and I Don't Want To Miss A Thing. My favourite band of all time. Check them out.
You wouldn't believe how much it costs to look this cheap - Steven Tyler
by Catalyst April 20, 2005
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Only te BEST BAND IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!A band thats been able to adapt to the new music scene without selling out. Theyt still FRIGGIN ROCK, and should not be ignored, just because people don't like the song Jaded. Listen to some of their other songs, like walk this way, sweet emotion, last child, angel, ect. Pick up one of their records like Rocks, Toys in the Attic, or just pick up O Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits. They rule so much!!! If you ever have a bad day, just pump out some Aerosmith, and either have yourlsef a good cry, or a good SCREAM!!!Either way, they'll help you through anything.
Thankyou Aerosmith:Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Tom Hamiltom, Joey Kramer, for 14 years of poetry and love...ROCK ON!!!
by Super L March 19, 2005
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America's greatest rock n' roll band. Members include Steven Tyler (vocals), Joe Perry (Lead Guitar), Tom Hamilton (bass), Brad Whitford (2nd guitar) and Joey Kramer (drums and percussion). Most famous songs are 'Dream On', 'Walk This Way' , 'Dude (Looks Like a Lady)', 'Janies Got a Gun', 'Sweet Emotion', 'Love In An Elevator', 'I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing', 'Girls of Summe' and many more. In 1979, Joe Perry quits and is replaced with Jimmy Crespo and in 1980, Brad Whitford leaves and is replaced with Rick Dufay. Now, Aerosmith is back to it's original line-up and is still rockin hard.
We went to go see an Aerosmith concert in New York City.

Aerosmith is America's favorite rock band.
by Ben April 15, 2005
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The best fu-kin band ever that has been rocking since the early 70's! Consists of Steven Tyler (lead vocals; piano/keyboard; harmonica) , Joe Perry (lead guitar; backing vocals) , Tom Hamilton (bass) , Brad Whitford (rhythm guitar) , and Joey Kramer (drums). They have stood the test of time, and Aerosmith is still rocking UP TO NOW!!!!!! Listen to songs from their albums Rocks, Toys In The Attic, Pump, etc. A TRUE-BLUES BAND THAT IS THE BEST OF THE BEST!!!! Love Live Aero-fu-kin-Smith!!!!!!!
Oh my gosh, I am such and Aerosmith fangirl.

That Aerosmith concert last night kicked some ass!

Did you buy the Aerosmith album "Rocks" yet? Now that's what I call rock and roll!
by I-am-an-Aersomith-fangirl April 23, 2010
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Narancia's very powerful STANDOH
Oh? You think you can beat Aerosmith? Meet me at 8:45 AM September 11th on top of the world trade center.
by September 15, 2020
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