1. comes from the word bad & less which means better, not bad at all, good.pronounced as badless.
2. Kurdish rule or principality
3. In one of the Filipino dialect gudlis or badlis means lines,check lines, slash or stripes.
4.In vizayan region of the Philippines
"badlis" can also be said as gudlis (pronounced as "goodlist")
Badlis (1182-1847), was a Kurdish principality originated from the Rojaki(Rozagi) tribal confederation.

Distribution of Badlis Families in the US started from the 1900
by Ramil April 9, 2008
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When something is particuarly impressive, when it surpasses a simple 'that's good'. Possibly derived from the inner city of Peterborough, UK.
"hey man, what did you think of that band tonight?"
"yeh man, they were really badly good"
by butrous April 10, 2009
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Yo Bro You heard this new carti album? he shitted badly🔥

This outfit is a 10/10, You shitted badly
by tsgslang December 28, 2022
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Over protruding labia from the female genitalia.
I was going down for a taste of the honey, but her pussy looked like a badly made kebab
by damase July 18, 2010
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A fanny hole that has seen so many cocks that the insides hang out. Not a pretty site!
I slept with Kevin Ryans mrs last night, she had a Badly Wrapped Kebab the dirty slag.
by Az November 22, 2003
Simile to describe the appearance of a female's genitalia, an unfortunate lady's horribly deformed fadge.
"Charles my dear boy, why on earth did you break up with that delightful Diana?"
"Well ma'ma, she was delightful in all respects other than down there, I am telling you it was like going down on a badly packed taco!"
"Indeed, one hears similar rumours of Princess Grace of Monaco, its a real growler I've heard, the staff at the palace commented it could rip your fucking arm off!"

'The Queen and I', The unofficial biography of HRH Elizabeth II, by Andy McNab
by Peter Cunningham May 19, 2008
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