Someone who goes through extreme tactics to reach their goal. These could involve torture, attack on innocent people and over-the-top violence.
Some of the Allies during World War II were extremists.
by Daviddv0601 March 6, 2017
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AN EXTREMIST IS SOMEONE WHO SUPPORTS AN IDEA, CAUSE, OR SET OF VALUES SO ADAMANTLY AND WITHOUT COMPROMISE THAT SAID PERSON WILL USE THEIR IDEAS TO JUSTIFY ANYTHING THEY DO. This term can be applied to ANYONE regardless of factors as universal as;ETHNICITY(African, Caucasian, Hispanic, Arabic, Southeast Asian etc)GENDER/ORIENTATION(Male, Female, transgendered, homosexual, heterosexual,bisexual,)RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION(or lack thereof)(Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism etc)OCCUPATION!!!(Teacher, politician, musician, clergman/woman, soldier etc)...Or as regional (BECAUSE SOME OF US DON"T PRESCRIBE TO THIS) as;POLITICAL PARTY MEMBERSHIP(Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Conservative, etc)POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY(Communism, Socialism, Anarchism, Nationalism, etc)SELF-PRESCRIBED CULTURAL IDENTITY(Punk, Gangsta, Hippie, Goth, etc)all because extremism does not discriminate, although its practitioners do. Also, please note that few extreme individuals who possess a thorough understanding of the term and its implications actually CHOOSE to describe themselves as "extremists". The truth of the matter is that EXTREMISTS ARE BY DEFINITION ALMOST ENTIRELY IMMERSED IN THEIR INDIVIDUAL AND/OR SHARED SENSE OF SUPERIORITY. THEREFORE THEY TYPICALLY CONVINCE THEMSELVES THAT THEIR PARTICULAR STRAIN OF EXTREMISM IS NOT "EXTREME". IN THE WARPED MIND OF THE EXTREMIST, EXTREMISM IS THE ONLY RATIONAL COURSE!
Although these examples are commonly known, I have included them because their connotations with extremism are obvious:
Adolf Hitler
( because in his mind any act that furthered his plans for world domination was justified)
Osama Bin Laden
( because in his minds any act that aids the cause of Islam is justified)
George W. Bush
( because in his mind any act that aids the advancement of his political agenda is justified)
Listing ALL extremists is impossible, so I had better desist from doing so, lest I die of starvation at my keyboard for being EXTREMELY stubborn.

Catch my drift?
by Don Emmanuel February 1, 2008
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One who has beliefs which are highly disagreeable to the vast majority of the population.
People who want to abolish the government, those who want to kill all people of a specific ethnic group, and those who advocate complete laissez-faire capitalism are all extremists.
by Kathryn January 22, 2005
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Somebody that thinks differently than you. Anybody that has an opinion that differs from current government policy. This term allows politicians to speak of their rival's agendas without actually having to explain exactly what their rival's beliefs are.
The war on Iraq was supported by right-wing extremists.

The World Trade Center was attacked by religious extremists.

The anti-war protesters were leftwing extremists.
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Anyone who disagrees with Mark Zuckerberg's political agenda.
Are you concerned that someone you know is becoming and extremist?

We care about preventing extremism on Facebook. Others in your situation have received confidential support.
by Fuzzznuts July 12, 2021
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A person who is suppressed, routinely abused by and are not allowed to defend themselves from the fascist mob(s).
Sophie Scholl is an extremist from questioning the national socialist narrative.
by BetterSkatez December 23, 2021
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Tech Extremist

Is used to define a group of extremists who sabotage Luca’s Music

They are believed to be led by KHYRSOS who is a dangerous tech extremist.
Tech extremists usually steal your uncles , To Force them to work on their farms in middle of the desert in Kazakhstan
Tech extremists have farms setup all over Central Asia to exploit Uncles who are under 6’foot
The Tech extremists are known to have an alliance with ZARA employees

There are certain initiation rituals one of them being vowing to cut all ties with family and friends

The only place where they can’t reach is Mongolia

Tech extremists are also sabotaging Spotify servers and genetically modifying fishes
Guy “my uncle just became a tech extremists”
Sachal: “listen to bleed it all by Luca on Spotify on repeat while I look for answers”
by Sachal? October 31, 2022
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