The Occupy Wall Street movement's premise is that only the people can take back control of the democracy and reinstitute social justice and equality. The movement is in response to the mean spirited and greedy plutocrats who not only control the outcome of the elections but the votes in Congress, Court decissions, and the actions of the President. Occupy Wall Street Movement is based in part on the Arab Spring in which the people took to the streets and seized control of the countries that were ruled by dictators. While it started on Wall Street it has spread rapidly to Main Streets throughout the USA.

The Occupy Wall Street movement wants to make sure Wall Street shakers and fakers are held accountable for the illegal activities that contributed to the Great Recession. They want to change the incentive systems in capitalism to favor society as a whole, instead of the greed and contempt of a few.
It is amazing in the day of high speed communications that it takes three weeks for the Occupy Wall Street movement to get from the social media and street to the corporate media. Even more amazing is how the movements clear message of social and equal justice can be distorted by the corporate media.
by mlhiss October 6, 2011
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"Occupy Wall Street" is a world wide spreading series of demonstrations which started on 17th September 2011 at the Zucc... at the Liberty Plaza Park in New York City.

Since the participants of the demonstrations are protesting against the blatant injustice of the current political and economical system, against corporate greed and lobbyism, they are the perfect object of hate for a lot of right wing apologists who

-in case they aren't wealthy- believe that poor blacks, poor agnostics or poor homosexuals (or their "lobbies") are to blame for the poorness of white and heterosexual christians, or

-in case they are wealthy- believe that the millions of Americans who can hardly afford living are just too lazy or not biblical enough,

-in case they are fucking rich- are scared of the idea that the day may come when they can't safe their asses with playing off one part of the poor against other parts of the poor anymore.
Bankster 1: Hooray, it's the Weekend! Now let's cut up some foxes to decorate the living room! = )


Bankster 1: Aaaaaah! = ( Well ... Yeah? Stephen?

Bankster 2: Hey, Ronald, have..

Bankster 1: Hey, how ar...

Bankster 2: watched the news!?

Bankster 1: No, I was...

Bankster 2: There is a demonstration in NYC, and...

Bankster 1: Oooooh, I see! But don't be concerned. After the weekend I will visit some of those Teabaggers and talk about them evil faggots and the godless, liberal elite, about nazi-niggers in the gub'mint taking their jeeerbs ... then I will go to CNN and apologize and then to FOX moaning about political correctness. That's no biggie.

Bankster 2: Ronald, it's not the Tea Party.

Bankster 1: It's not?

Bankster 2: No. It's "Occupy Wall Street".

Bankster 1: Occupy Wall Street?

Bankster 2: Yeah. Occupy Wall Street...

Bankster 1: Ouh, fuck. That could get dangerous.

Bankster 2: That's why I called you.

Bankster 1: Okay, then. Call our guys in Washington. And call Michael! He shall go to FOX. Strategy: Protesters are drug-addicted stalinists and lazy pedophile hippies who hate America and freedom or something like that. Well. And I guess our next party donation has to be a bit bigger.

Bankster 2: Let's just hope that this will work!

Bankster 1: Hm ... it has worked out so far. Let's see if we can also win this time or if those dorks are gradually waking up.
by CoffeeCat October 10, 2011
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A movement that talking heads in the mainstream corporate media love to denigrate by claiming we have no clear message. In actuality, the message couldn't be more clear if you'd just open your ears and LISTEN.

Occupy Wall Street does not advocate for the end of capitalism. Rather, we oppose crony capitalism and wish for a return to the pre-Reagan era of capitalism under which the U.S. had greater equality and stronger economic growth.
Some examples of issues supported by Occupy Wall Street:

- Restoration of Glass-Steagall financial regulations which stood strong for nearly 70 years until they were axed in 1999

- Reversal of the 2010 Citizens United supreme court ruling which basically enabled moneyed interests to decide our elections

- Repeal of the Bush tax cuts and an eventual return to the pre-Reagan tax rates under which the U.S. prospered

- An end to corporate personhood and other special loopholes and privileges that exclusively benefit large corporations at the expense of everyone else

- An end to oil subsidies, bank bailouts and other forms of corporate welfare

- Restoration of the workers rights that were decimated by Reagan and further whittled away by George Dubya

- An end to lobbying - politicians should work for ALL Americans

- A return to the principles of democracy
by independent progressive November 7, 2011
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A protest and series of demonstrations that have gone global and define the frustrations of the the general population towards the laws, regulations and policies of authority that that have been manipulated by corporate greed to put profit above people.
The Occupy Wall Street protests have frightened law enforcement into "Police riots", that have shown the violence comes only from authority.
by Decidedvoter October 30, 2011
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The bottom 99% of people on the income bracket rightfully protesting the top 1% getting more money than they deserve.

The richest people in the world (e.g. bankers, CEOs, media moguls, so called "job creators") don't actually work. They have other people work for them. They rake in millions of dollars while the people doing the actual work have to deal with lower pay and higher taxes.

And then the rich folks spend their unearned money on politicians, essentially controlling congress (both Republicans and Democrats). As a result, congress is happy to bail out these people when their businesses start losing money with cash out of the taxpayer's pocket. Not to mention the tax cuts doled out to these billionaires (started by Bush, extended by Obama). That is exactly what OWS is protesting.
Occupy Wall Street is one of the few glimmers of hope as the USA descends further into debt.

Let's have a show of hands. Thumbs up if you support the movement.
by Colder October 27, 2011
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A group of concerned citizens who rightfully speak out against the extreme degree of inequality in America which now rivals that of some third world countries. Citizens who realize that you cannot have a strong economy without demand, and that 1% of the population owning 90% of the wealth is detrimental to a nation's prosperity. Citizens who oppose the assault on workers rights by multinational corporations, and realize that trickle down is bullshit. Citizens so concerned for the welfare of their country, they are willing to camp outside even in the harshest winter conditions to get the word out. Often bashed by people who fall in the top 1% (obviously) as well as spoiled, snobby, narcissistic rich kids who regard Atlas Shrugged as the bible and have never experienced any real-life hardships whatsoever because they live in the safety bubble of their parents.
Occupy Wall Street believes we should end the unsustainable Bush tax cuts, make RESPONSIBLE cuts in government spending rather than taking from those who have the least, and end the marriage of government and big business that started under the Bush administration and continues under Obama.
by Blue_Kahuna December 1, 2011
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The 99% of the US. population who are struggling to make a living while the 1% live a life of luxury. We're not going to be the silent majority anymore.
The people gathered across the country in support of Occupy Wall Street, each large city had a camp in (occupy) and change was imminent. Occupy Fresno, CA. was a big inspiration for this Old Hippy Dude.
by leddyOHD October 21, 2011
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