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AST's are like female frat boys. you can find them on almost any night of the week doing a keg stand, kicking your ass in beer pong or doing a power hour. if you piss them off they will take one of their rusty anchors and show it up your ass! hottest, bitchiest girls alive
random girl: whos that slut doing a keg stang
friend: probably an AST, dont be jealous just beacuse they didnt give you a bid
by colin February 26, 2005
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The same as bukkake except the males defecate on the female instead of ejaculate.
After the anal bukkake session, Kim wanted nothing more than to take a good shower.
by colin March 15, 2005
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To make out
old word from m yarents generation
we had to watch the two lovers maul.
by colin January 31, 2005
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Ford's high performance sedans from the mid-late 1980's. Quick car, unpronouncable name. Driving one these days solicits "WTF!!" reactions.
Commoner: Whoa, wtf is that? An Escort?
Merkanic: No, fool. It's a mare-coor.
Commoner: Riiight... nice wing.
Merkanic: Thanks, it's stock.
by colin August 26, 2004
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Someone who is overly wholesome, excessively cheerful, and a goody-two-shoes in an excruciatingly irritating manner.
Refer to Liar Liar, junk yard scene for a good idea of the terms usage.
by colin February 24, 2004
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