open a can of WHOOP-ASS
If that man keeps messing with me, i’m gonna open a can
by yo mommas grandmama July 28, 2019
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the act of giving a beatdown for an undisclosed reason.
Customer: Have you seen Dave, I need to grab something?
Stephen: He's busy opening a can, can I help you with something?
by David Andersen November 9, 2007
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To take a very nasty crap. Usually explosive diarrhea. The term is derived from the sound of the poo splashing into the toilet water along with the contents of the toilet generally look like vegetable beef soup.
"Oh man, my stomach feels jacked. I think it's time to open a can of soup."
by Jim Pony August 8, 2009
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1. To establish physical dominance over another by beating them into submission and/or unconsciousness.

2. In sports: To go into another team's home stadium, beat their asses, and send their pretty boy quarterback home cryin' to his mama.
Damn! Philly just opened a can of whup ass on Green Bay on Monday Night Football!
by El Jefe November 11, 2003
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(Verb) The act of unleashing a beat-down upon a human being
The drunk dumbfuck wouldn't stop talking shit, so I began by opening a can of whoop-ass on him; now he's being treated for a broken jaw.
by HurricaneLayne December 30, 2010
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/verb/ 1. to administer a beating on someone, usually using only hands, feet and other natural weapons
2. to verbally berate someone so badly that he is ashamed to show his face in public
Back off! Do you want me to open a can of whup ass on your bitch ass?
by Nasty Nate October 2, 2003
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A term for someone who is going to kick someone's ass so hard it is indescribable without a person with whom is all powerful.
Copyright of EPrime and NOT CloudAsylum. Too bad, Cloud ^_^
"Dude that guy just stole my girl, I'm gonna be opening a can of Bruce Lee on him!"
by EPrimeTV July 22, 2013
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