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stomach that is muscular enough to resemble a six pack of soda cans
The wrestler had a sixpack from doing crunches three times a week.
by John March 27, 2005
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A case of (6) beers or a well defined abdomen.
six pack: the fat guys drink 'em and the hot guys show them off.
by bloe December 31, 2005
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1. noun. Well defined abdominal muscles in the configuration of a six pack of canned drinks.

2. noun. a collection of six single serve cans or bottles of a beverage (usually soda or beer) packaged together in either cardboard or plastic rings

3. (sexual) verb. to stimulate a female sexual partner by placing two digits of the same hand into the anus and vagina as if preparing to pick up a six pack (as per def 2).

4. (technical) noun or verb. While working an entertainment event on ice such as a hockey game or ice skating event, to slip and fall on the ice while not wearing ice skates.

Entymology/notes: (def 3) Derogatory. Usually employed while bragging in locker room type situations. (def 4) Used by stage hands and those who have occasion to work on ice rinks while wearing civilian shoes. If said person slips on the ice and falls, another ice worker who sees the incident may traditionally call upon the victim to buy a six pack (as per def 2) for the witness after helping him or her off the ice, especially if the incident involves injury.
1. She must do situps. Her stomach is sporting a six pack that just won't fucking quit!

2. While in the store, I bought a pack of fags and a six pack of beer.

3. I was going down on this chick last night and right when she was about to come, I six packed her and the bitch went fucking nuts!

4. I helped the newbie up after he six packed into the ice. He was more careful after that to watch his step when the Zamboni had shaved the ice.
by Marc September 20, 2004
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The section of the abs that are toned and usually come in six
He got a toned six pack. he must work out
by barry white January 09, 2004
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Either well developed abs or a case of six beers. Frequent consumption of the latter usually prevents the former from happening.
Getting a six pack from the gym is a lot harder and a lot less enjoyable than getting one from the store.
by JA24 May 08, 2009
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A term of distance using the approximate time it takes to drink a beer related to time needed to arrive at a destination. Used only by the true rednecks who have no odometer in the truck (DeKalb County Illinois).
Capital City... thats 'bout a six pack away.

It wasn't too far away, I'd say a good six pack.
by Dave710 January 18, 2005
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Wise women who dispense advice and shoulders for the exhausted to sob on. Prefer to be found near fermented beverages when not kicking ass in the real world (or Wisconsin).
I feel terrible. I need to call up my Six Pack.
by Taco Gyro April 14, 2010
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