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Grouped by ten years decade, from 0-9.
Every ten years is a generation. Such as the people born from 1980-1989 are of the 80's generation.
"He's from the eighties generation, because he was born in '81. I'm from the sixties generation 'cause I was born in '66."
by The Hobgibbon March 23, 2005
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The creating of, the furthering of, the next in a line evolved from a former, new life.

A term often attached to a demographic buzz phrase usually defining a clump of folk.
Generation X
Pepsi Generation
Hippy Generation
by EGS September 14, 2004
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a dying word since no one born after 1980 identifies him/herself with any specific decade. The word will eventually only be used to refer to advances in technology.
1: Hippie computers?
by puns September 05, 2007
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A period of time between age groups. The term generations is only to be used as a plural when talking about 5 or more generations.
That gold bar is 7 generations old in my family.
by Susan B Carter September 08, 2003
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A blunt, doobie, joint, or spliff rolled up using majority of roach weed.
Smith: Yo bro save your roach!

Joe: Why?
Smith: Once we get a few we can roll up a generation.
by wordo77 January 18, 2021
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