A command commonly used on IRC, other chat proggies, or a lan based network.. usually displays a users IP address, idle time, ISP, and channel activity
/whois jon

Jon: Socal.rr.com
#care @#gtfo
by Colin October 21, 2003
Whois is a bunch of randoms, like the name suggests, that are completely ed when given any power in community based games.
Whois are fuckin randoms. That is why they are called Whois like shit.
by BlackGuyButQuirkyDoe July 19, 2021
A Minoliism. Used to convey exasperation; it is essentially a razzle-dazzle way of saying 'sigh' on MSN.

Similar to 'aye'
"Whoy. I can't wait to trade in my Dell for a Macbook Pro. Windows is a disgusting third-rate product."
by Brooce February 22, 2007
That brown kid over there is a whoi

that kid down in texas is also a large whoi
by aye bra June 11, 2009
a stupid person, or someone who says/does somthing incredibly stupid or obvious. Originated in upstate ny when a medicly retarded homeless man (Charels Edward Whoy) would do or said something somthing stupid.
stupid person says "This hot water is really hot"
someone says "Whoy"

stupid person walks into a wall
someone says "Whoy"
by asdfg34 December 5, 2007
Shaine23 was whoising me becuase they're a stalker
by Z April 20, 2003