101 definitions by Colin

When one is surfing, they place their hands, toes and penis on the edge of the board.
Yo, check me out! I'm doing a hang 21!
by Colin November 10, 2003
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hardcore nasty. More nasty than haggard.
why is he wearing that hanus gear???
by Colin June 14, 2003
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any type of liguir can be called hardbar
i had around 10 shots of hardbar lastnight
by Colin November 21, 2003
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Pronounced "hey- Oh" used when a attractive person is caught by the eye, one yells heyoo to show their excitement in the person.
yo cheack that girl. heyoo!
by Colin January 09, 2005
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A defecation so glorious that its passing causes your life up to that point to flash before your eyes due to the sheer emotion provoked by the stool.
Friend A: "Do I hear Brad crying in the bathroom?"

Friend B: "He must have just passed a life-shit!"
by Colin January 05, 2009
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