up and down : moving ones mouth up and down around a hot guys large and cummy penis, or:
a male licking a female's big and yummy tits/nipples;
also makes people horny
- I sucked his hard cock up and down,all night long.
- I loved sucking her hard horny nipples on those big and juicy boobs.
by horny bi-sexual November 28, 2005
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Sucking is when you don't get a raise after 10 hard years at the same company.

Also sucking is when you like cock in your mouth wether you are male or female.
by tdinc4000 January 4, 2004
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A loving mood when a female has her mouth moving up and down. Her mouth is also full of dick.
Guy1: Rhiana was sucking real hard last night. Girl: Can I suck tomorrow?
by lil dicky daddy May 7, 2018
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When somone is going under losses.
sucking is term used in sex , in which a person hold his cock in his mouth and give him pleasure.
I love to suck cock deep in my throat.
Wana sucked?
by Zeeshan Kashif March 2, 2004
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"(It) sucks to suck" - A remark usually made after a person experiences misfortune and/or tells others about it. Can be used to ridicule someone, as a way of expressing annoyance or frustration with a complainer, or simply as an indifferent acknowledgement of the other person's misfortune.
Dude 1: (accidentally spills drink on shirt)
Dude 2: Haha, sucks to suck!

Bro 1: Ugh, I've got three exams this week and I haven't even started studying yet.
Bro 2: Sucks to suck.

Guy 1: Man, I lost my wallet last weekend, and I still haven't found it.
Guy 2: Sucks to suck, bro.
by GottaHaveCereal April 4, 2011
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A sexual innuendo referencing a girl sucking a young mans tiny penis and enjoying it.
Yo Zack, that girl last night gave me the suck suck and she came for more this morning.
by URBAN USERRR June 15, 2018
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v: when you do something that causes you to fail or something bad to happen to you.
Dude: Wow I forgot to do my Spanish.

Bro: Well sucks to suck.
by A bromosexual. March 15, 2010
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