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After engaging in sexual intercourse with a girl, you defecate in her shoes and immediately leave after the act, yelling "Dirty Rockefeller" as you pass through the door.
"I thought he was a really nice guy until he left me that dirty rockefeller..."
by Colin March 25, 2008
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arya's cool don't dis him
by colin November 02, 2003
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greatest drummer ever was with pantera the greatest band ever
listen to some
by colin December 11, 2003
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Usually Christians - like to shove religion down other's throats - usually anti-choice. See Holier-Than-Thou.
Oh shit! Here come a bunch o' fundamentalists! Hide the contaceptives!
by Colin October 10, 2003
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hardcore nasty. More nasty than haggard.
why is he wearing that hanus gear???
by colin June 14, 2003
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A sled. Not a knit hat!
"Hey, get out your toboggan, not your hat, and let's go sled riding.
by Colin January 12, 2005
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Ford's high performance sedans from the mid-late 1980's. Quick car, unpronouncable name. Driving one these days solicits "WTF!!" reactions.
Commoner: Whoa, wtf is that? An Escort?
Merkanic: No, fool. It's a mare-coor.
Commoner: Riiight... nice wing.
Merkanic: Thanks, it's stock.
by Colin August 26, 2004
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