8-Bit Integer. Values above 255 are (X+1 mod 256 - 1)
It's the number 255, I guess you should know it's a number by now.
by Reikä Perseessä July 10, 2018
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ASCII Code for blank space. A non- represented character by the keyboard.
I needed extra security so I added alt+255 to my password.
by Ochita August 26, 2016
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ALT+255 is very difficult to define because there isn't really anything to define. It is a void of unkown possibilities and endless nothingness. ALT+255's are easy to create, you can do it write now, it's name is also the instructions to create one. So try it, create your own nothing today!
" "

too quick?
Didn't get it?
Here's another...

" "
by Hierachy March 14, 2004
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having two windows down driving fifty-five miles per hour. usually used in older cars, or in cars with cheap drivers that dont want to use the extra gas to turn on the A/C.
Passenger: Do you have A/C in your car?
Driver: Ha, yea man, i got 255 air conditioning

little did she know the windows would be open and it would mess up her hair. mwhahaha!
by TheKingsDictionary August 10, 2007
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A pedal board for guitar effects that increases your Douchebaggary by 125%
That guy is to busy using his Digitech RP 255 to realize he's a douche.
by douchebaggary June 03, 2011
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