49 definition by ZEKE

Person carrying a lot of shit.
Guy: Hey, were only walking a block to the drug store. Why are you carrying all that shit?
Girl: blah blah blah blah blah...
Guy: Ha! You look like a damned Sherpa Guide!
by Zeke May 07, 2005

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A clever online sprite cartoon about the adventures of the evil Black Mage, the thieving Thief, the sword-obsessed dolt Fighter, and the dice-reliant Red Mage, a team of "light warriors" who aren't really light warriors and don't get along all that well and are shadowed by Black Belt, a martial arts bodyguard and White Mage, a healer and the most sane character of the series by far.
Black Mage: Congratulations, you pointy-eared elven freak. You're at the top of my death list now! You wait until we get to the end of the trail of my blood to make it official.
Fighter: Oh, don't worry Black Mage. I'll do it for ya.
Black Mage: No, touch nothing, these robes are booby-trapped, you'll damn us all.
Fighter: Lacking as I do in writing implements of any kind, I'll edit with my blade!
Black Robe: My list, my precious list. You know I've got a memory like a thingy that lets water drain out of it while keeping back solids of appreciable size. I'll have to raze the Earth to make sure I didn't skip anyone.
Fighter: I'm a helper!
by Zeke December 15, 2004

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Alternate word for the flower "peony"
Look at them pineys mom!
by Zeke June 06, 2004

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an obssesion with fish, usually caused ny a pastlife experience
bork has pink hair.
by ZEKE May 08, 2003

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somethingunbelievable sweet. Likeifyou get 2 hsin one shot, that's q00lz.
q00lz! i just got 2 hs'!!
by zeke May 09, 2003

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What the kool-aid dude says.
<<kids beat the shit outta the kool-aid dude>>
kool-aid dude: oh yeah!
by Zeke May 09, 2003

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"Female" that put the fear of God in men everywhere. Had classic she-mullet with shaved side burns.
Dude #1: Are you going to the basketball game?
Dude #2: Hell no!
Dude #1: Why not?
Dude #2: I heard that the Iron Maiden might be there.
Dude #1: Shit, I'm outy!
by Zeke May 07, 2005

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