A Chris may sometimes seem ordinary, as he doesn't want to stand out. He is modest and selfless and would never want to willingly offend anyone unintentionally.

He can be difficult at expressing his emotions fully, but when he does he will always be honest.
He is extremely intelligent and talented, although he denies it.

A Chris is always a little more than perfect.
"That Chris guy is insanely good at table tennis."

"How can he be so good at Maths?"

"Wow... Mozart has competition."
by TheButterfliesHaveGone November 15, 2012
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A: Do you like to cuddle with him?
B: Yea, he's a Chris.
by Randombeauty465 October 4, 2014
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Is an amazing guy. Chris' at normally tall brown hair with brown eyes. Chris believes in God. He can hang with the guys but not be like all guys. He will knows how to comfort you when you cry. He can handle your anger with grace. Will listen to you babble non-stop. Will go through hell and back with his girl. He makes you luagh. At times you think he don't love you but he does. He can make the best good morning/ goodnight messages ever.He loves to have a good time but knows right from wrong. A guy who will make u trust again. Chris' are normally always warm and make great cuddlers. They smell nice. They always try to make you happy. knows how to treat a lady. He's hell of a lot sexier than he thinks from his smile, to his strong arms that make you feel safe, to grabbing you knee. He is an amazing kisser Chris isn't afraid to get in a fight and will stand up to his own brother if he has to. Accepts you for you, including your past. Might underestimate your knowledge in mechanical things. You will get jealous over his perfect eye lashes and white smile. Chris is sexy, amazing, tall, loving, and funny. He loves pizza rolls, thin mints ,and rolos. Chris is smarter and better at things then he realizes. Puts his girl over dip. They know how to give you a good time. They are the best thing since duck tape.
You should get you a chris.
chris' are the best.
by Countrygirl360 March 20, 2018
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probably your name, and youre looking it up in Urban Dictionary to see what your name is defined as...this is it
by dontbeadouche October 15, 2010
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A true Chris is a rare species of male, encountered by few but remembered by all who do. They are beings of the highest quality, intellectually nearly unapproachable, and are invariably masters of just about everything. Physically, a Chris is what is known as a Unit, or, in academic circles, a Specimen.

A true Chris's only flaw lies, understandably, in pride, which can occasionally get in the way of empathy, but in general they nonetheless care deeply for their fellow humans. Paradoxically, they often struggle from low self esteem, as gifted humans – if, indeed, one can even call a Chris a mere human – often do. Chris's are by nature chronically unimpressed, a condition necessary to maintain their distinctive aura of superiority. Likewise they are prone to exaggeration when relating humorous anecdotes and/or their own achievements, which are often one and the same thing.

A true Chris is what is known as a 'meme dictator' – four tiers up from the better known 'meme lord.' You can measure a Chris's approval of your existence in direct proportion to the number of golden memes it condescends to share with you.

Never call a Chris 'Chrissie' or otherwise belittle it in any way whatsoever, as it will have a mental breakdown and throw you across a rugby field. In addition, never tell a Chris not to do something reckless unless you want it to actually do it (it will).
Person 1: who is that guy over there reciting the entire periodic table to an adoring crowd of female admirers, whilst simultaneously delivering first aid and writing a 7000 word essay on cirrhosis of the liver?
Person 2: that, my friend, is a Chris.
by Isaac42 November 11, 2020
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A kid who is always up to party and have a good time
Dude, I don't wanna go to that party unless Chris comes.
by 123cjm January 2, 2008
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