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Chris is amazing, like truly amazing. Look Chris up in my dictionary and just one word is written: perfect. You may think that I am just massively soppy or love drunk, but I speak the honest truth. Chris has the incredible, super-human ability to make me smile even more than I usually do, just by doing the simplest thing. This guy is the epitome of awesome, I’m not joking; he makes me just the happiest. He has the most wicked personality and sense of humour that can make me giggle for, I’d say, a good half hour. However, it’s not just Chris’ personality that’s amazing, so are his looks, even though he denies this fact! Chris can make me feel like the most special and important girl in the world (even though I’m blatantly not) and I trust that he loves me, for the all right reasons. He is talented, but not a show off – well, maybe, occasionally – though, he’s impressive. Chris is really good at drawing and makes me feel on top of the actual world when he hugs me and holds me in his arms, even after a terrible day. I often worry that I’m not good enough because this boy deserves someone incredible, but back off ladies, he’s mine! I would be an idiot to lose such a funny, kind and amazing guy – I am many things, but certainly not an idiot. To have him in my little life makes me unbelievably happy; Chris makes me grin like a fool. This short passage does not really go far enough to express how I feel, that’s kind of impossible, I love Chris!
'Hey, Chris is cool.'
by ThatShortGirlWhoIsShort December 16, 2011
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portraying police in a positive or helpful light, when in reality they are the violent fascist tools of an authoritarian military state
That show is all copaganda. No such thing as a good cop.”
by venediction May 27, 2020
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You motherfucker. You think you can define Chris? That hard ass motherfucker will fuck your shit into the fourteenth dimension and back. How about this. He bites into a dorito loco taco and the eighty four women closest to him orgasm so hard their vaginas start vibrating. At this point, the dopamines literally start leaking out of their ears, nose and mouth, sometimes causing asphyxiation and/or divorce.
Bob: “That’s impossible. It can’t be done!”
Jack: “I’ll call Chris, he’ll take care of it.”
by Foff001 December 09, 2017
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Sexy ass beast in the sheets. Any Chris has a unbelievably large private part and they are great at using it.
A great name for a great outgoing person would be Chris.
by Chris the great January 31, 2017
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he is very energetic. he always knows whats he is doing help others with their problem, a very loyal person always be there when you need him. can be very nice but when he needs to be mean he would . may not have many friends but the ones he has care about him . he is a understandable pearson
by foreverchris July 16, 2017
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