used to say something is cool or awesome
hey this beat goes so hard man
by JDance September 7, 2006
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Something that will suffice.

It will do the job it's meant to do.
Ronan: Dude I can't believe you're shagging that rotten chic.
Sean: She goes.

Ronan: Man your car's a piece of shit.
Sean: It goes.
by gerbear85 February 20, 2008
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Something people say when you ask them "How's it going?" It usually means life is currently happening, and their life is in shambles, but they've just learned to completely accept it and fight through the emotional pain. Always lit.
"How's it going?"
"... It goes"
by Connor boiiiii July 20, 2017
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G.O.E means "God.Over.Everything" it can be used when referring to God in any state a person can be to glorify God.
"I hate my life but i know it will be better GOE man."
by Anonymous123456879 February 5, 2013
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Abbreviation for a Gathering of Eagles, a right-wing extremist group who thinks that sending off US Military personnel to overseas conflicts to be killed wholesale and lugged home in body bags (frequently burned to a crisp or dismembered) or alive but heinously physically disfigured or maimed or even left emotionally paralyzed by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is the best way to support them. This group regularly engages in counter-protests at pro-peace gatherings. Their tactics involve using intimidation, threats, hate-speech, videotaping members of anti-war organizations, and attempting to instigate a violent response through various means of confrontation. GOE members have gone so far as to physically assault grieving members of service members' families who have spoken out against the various wars that the US Government has gotten the nation into. This reprehensible group is opposed by several noble organizations that include Veterans for Peace and the Winter Soldiers. The GOE frequently suggests as "vast liberal conspiracy" involving the media opposes their efforts and calls anyone who opposes their efforts as "moonbats," whatever that is.
Carolyn Swartout is an infamous member of the despicable and often hateful organization known as a Gathering of Eagles (GOE). She has been witness attempting to provoke a violent response at peaceful anti-war gatherings sometimes by using her minor son to instigate a confrontation. She is a coward.
by Blenderhead91 June 8, 2009
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originating from the san francisco bay area. something that is extremeley cool or amazing. comes from the bay area term "go dumb" because going dumb is thought of as cool and revolutionary
by latina fosho June 27, 2007
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