69 definitions by Tj

Shortened slang for "legendary", or, more commonly, for "legend".
Jesus, you fucking ledge!
by Tj November 12, 2004
When nerd people that ride the bus and get milk dumped on them because their losers.
I dumped some milk on this geeky kid with glasses the other day becasue he is gay
by Tj May 20, 2003
A replacement for many words you would get in trouble for saying. Such as, when talking to your girlfriend and getting angered. shout SPLARGAL SNARF! in place of "YOU FUCKING WHORE I HOPE YOU DIE IN A HORRIABLE TRIAN WRECK!" and she will be utterly confused.
My girlsfriend has been a fucking splargal snarf latly. I hope she shes.
by Tj January 31, 2005
When something is really dandy; extra special; tops; wicked; awesome;
Wow John! Your new Y-Fronts are sminootin!
by Tj February 24, 2004
The car that looks like a blurr when you blast by it in a mustang.
Friend: what the hell was that?
Me: that was just a slow-ass camaro.
by Tj January 16, 2005
gym-nazi; health nut
Legault told me all this crap about hotdogs and now expects me not to eat em. what a bunch of crap.
by Tj December 13, 2003
a fat girl, or used when refering to her vag
hey bro, here comes some chunky tuna!

you get a taste of her chunky tuna last night?
by Tj April 21, 2005