A person whom you love the most, more than anything in the whole entire world.

A person who deserves all your attention and affection
Someone you should dote on regularly and give plenty of care to.

A beautiful and lovable person who is also very kind.
by Eye Do April 6, 2020
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A nickname you can call someone dear to you or someone who you care about.Darling is more commonly used for a loved one like a partner.
Have you seen where my darling is?
I love my darling with all my heart.
by VikTorry lmao May 4, 2021
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A noun used to refer to a significant other.

And oh yeah, Zero Two says this word 188 times in Darling In the Franxx and I creamed my pants every single time she said it.
Hiro: I love you, Zero Two.

Zero Two: I feel the same. I love you too, Darling.
by KiwamiGuy August 9, 2019
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The most amazing type of woman in the world. Someone you truly adore and is always there to help you through rough times after you help her through hers. Its a mutual completely working relationship. You know someones your darling when you have never argued, or if you have, never about something serious. Also it is mandatory that Darlings have a good taste in music.
Sean: "Did you see that girl samantha, she has hella good taste in music"

Brandon: "Yeah, thats one of the reasons why shes my Darling"
by DJNarnia August 10, 2012
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A word that being used lately to show your superiority over someone else in a discussion and mock the person you are having argument with.
Oh darling , it seems you have no clue
Darling you should really work on your logic it is flawed.
by Madame de fer September 23, 2018
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1. A cute pet name for your waifus.
2. The name Zero-Two gave Hiro based on a children's book. From the Anime Darling in the FranXX. Hiro obviously being the Darling in the show.
1. Hey Darling! Wanna go get some virtual coffee?
2. Oh Darling, run away with me!
by The Original Argoniphile June 23, 2018
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A word defining someone of value. Darling is the equivalent of Pearl or Diamond.

When one calls another "Darling", it is a title of affection to be cherished. Perhaps it's not the most romantic title for one you love, but it is certainly a title with meaning beyond any definition.
by Anicent Obsession July 11, 2013
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