Used to describe that a child is not yours. Thus, making you immune to child support.

Can be traced back to as early as greek mythology.
Zeus or Posiden had a baby with Hoecles who had a son named Illegitimacus

Since Hoecles cannot prove that Zeus or Posiden are the father, Illegitimacus is therefore Illegitimate, meaning none of them have to pay child support
by italian-props to wops- September 18, 2006
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To get messed up beyond belief.
Drunk, high, etc.
Aye, lets go get illegitimate as hell this weekend mayne.
by Michael baganz April 30, 2007
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A straight up whore fucking any dick in sight majorly without protection, leaving her with at least a dozen children each with no fucking clue who their daddy is.
1. Aint Shequiesha having yo baby? Hellz naw that bitch illigitimate.

2. Yo nig which bitch is yo illegitimate Lafonda or Shamonda?
by El Zacko September 6, 2006
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1. A father who does not acknowledge his children.

2. A father who acknowledges a child or children privately and not publicly.

3. A father who acknowledges paternity but does not take responsibility equal to the mother for meeting the child's needs.
Thomas Jefferson was an illegitimate father of a number of children.
by Denverite3 December 11, 2014
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1. what jesus is said to have condemned as the greatest sin to be commited as "it is wasting thy knuckle children into a sock only to be put into the bottom ov a hamper."

2. what is done on a daily basis in the white house

3. learning algebra

4. sharing files on frostwire
i gotta go do some illegitimate masturbating
by incipitsathanas October 19, 2009
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A child whose parents were not married to each other at the time of his or her birth.
You're an illegitimate child! At least my parents were married!
by CallMeDanni_xx August 1, 2016
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Issuing an invitation which the other person can't accept, in the hope that you get credit for asking but don't have to follow through.
J. "Wanna go to dinner?"
N. "You know I gotta babysit my sister's 4 kids! That's an illegitimate invitation!"
by wordgrl July 13, 2008
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