John is a contradiction to what he describes himself, mostly level headed but unpredictable during different situations

Usually at least 180cm or 6ft tall, dark hair color , bright eyes and generally a bigger man in several ways.

John can be a compassionate towards others, and always try to help the best he could. He stands firm in what he believes in but open minded to other opinions, and secretly observant. held his family in high regards and hopes to have his own in the future.

John is efficient, only does what he needs to do, and what he wants to do, but willing to get out of their way to help others and covers his discomfort with sarcasm as to not offend or hurt others.

John is never honest about himself, he hates it but it helps him along his days. He doesn't like to show raw emotions, only opens up to very certain people that he absolutely trust. He has his grudges, but doesn't let it control his actions, even if it hurts himself because he value the happiness of others rather than himself.

John is a lonely and a hopeless romantic but never show it, he wishes that he was with someone special, and has hurt himself in his attempts to do so, and is now scarred from it, and gave his world a bleak view but he still hope to find that someone he can care, protect, hug, kiss, make love, and make happy in his life.
Person 1: John you're such an awesome person!
John: Ehh i don't think so, but thanks i guess...
Person 2: Aw come on stop selling yourself short dude!
by M1_L0N3LY November 1, 2020
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Probably the best and most perfect guy anyone could ever meet. He's cute, amazing, sweet, and everything a girl is looking for. Has the cutest smile, a great sense of humor, makes others laugh, takes care of his girlfriend 24/7 (even longer than that however), etc. John is probably the best human being alive and he also makes cute babies and writes cute paragraphs and has a sexy voice.
Person #1: Woah.. who's that?
Angry Girlfriend: That's my baby John *proud*
by john's princess June 20, 2014
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John-A well rounded character.Intelligent, funny, dashing, corny at times, loyal, trustworthy, athletic, hardworking and determined but knows how to have a good time and is often optimistic but human, so like everyone else has his own problems, usually kept to himself.He is full of life and particular and careful Of love, he doesn't have patience for stupidity and ignorance.Plans/ thinks ahead for the most part, and very charismatic, has Maney friends and aquatences.Can hold grudges but lives and learns.Observent and loves his family.Will make the right woman feel like a queen one day,who compliments his vast personality and I.Q.gets caught up in conflicts often but only because he's strongly opiniated.Stands for what he believes in.Doesn't need a woman for abborant sexist tasks and enslavment, but to thrive and grow and experience the planet.Independent and has a bit of a dark side some find enthralling.Witty, and for the most part self virtuous.Tries to do things for the better and the sake of what is good, hardly selfish and with pain and injustice towards himself and his peers maturly or tries his best.John is simply like the universe, full of mystery beauty and greatness.
"so you say he's wise,hilarious,good-looking, an charismatic?"
"Yeah like I said he's everything!"
"Must be John"
by <KamikazeRomance> January 13, 2012
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An extremely lovable handsome man. Johnโ€™s are always PACKING and are always ready to slay babes with his magnificent sword. Never let a John go!
I canโ€™t wait to be slayed by Johnโ€™s sword!
by Somekid628 April 9, 2021
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John is a man of integrity. He has good morals and manners. He is a man of little words. Believes actions speak louder than words. John has strong work ethics and is willing to jump in to help a friend. Loyal. Loving. All of this and a healthy sense of humor too.
John believes that no one gets left behind
by love your eyes February 11, 2010
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