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1. Any word that describes a noun.
2. (used by retards who submit definitions to Urban Dictionary) Any word.
1. Adjectives include words like quick, brown, and lazy, but does not include names of products, groups, or corporations which you dislike.
2. "I just ate a pasta that tasted like shit. It was so McDonald's! Get it? McDonald's tastes like shit so I turned it into an adjective describing the pasta which also tastes like shit!"
"Dude, that joke is so Family Circus. HAHAHAH! I turned Family Circus into an adjective to describe your unfunny joke! Hot damn, I'm clever."
"Don't you mean to say 'Hot damn, I'm not Bush'?"
"No, because then someone would think I was stating that I'm not Bush, which, although true, does not show off the cleverness of turning famous proper nouns into adjectives for the hundredth time."
"Oops, I guess my advice was Tom Green."
"Man, we wish we were Kurt Cobain."
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A word signifying a conceptual representations of an ontological possibility.


1. I am not bad, I am not good, I am not smart, I am, not dumb, I am Rolyat. (whereas Rolyat is an adjective)
2. There are no adjectives that may be used to describe nothing.
3. Any adjectives, and all adjectives may describe everything.

i.e; "everything sucks", "everything is great", "everything is purple"...
Example 1.
thing 1. your purple
thing 2. no I am thing 2
thing 1. no, your the color purple
thing 2. how do you know?
thing 1. I can see you, your the same color as this room
thing 2. I am purple?
thing 1. yes!
thing 2. Omg I am all over this room... which is purple... which is me! I am the adjective purple, ahh!

Example 2.
Old man. Hello young lady, I am interested in courting you..
Young lady. Ew, stay away from me perverted blah blah blah....
Old man. Excuse me, why are you calling me that adjective, perverted?
Young lady. Oh.. Because I am conditioned to believe that older-men advancing on me are perverted. But now that you bring it up, I understand that it is just a mental construct that I use to frame my interactions and make more senses of the world. In fact, as far as nihilistic-existentialism goes, there is no such thing as a perv! However, your still a perv, my brain simply can not cope with the limitlessness of reality.
by ArCh1mEdEs July 06, 2010
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The word that describes you, dumb
I'm gonna give you an adjective: beautiful *does opposite hands*
via giphy
by A random piece of cardboard September 06, 2020
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Thing thats describe's "noun". Or It describe what your'e doing.

-From a boy (11) who started to learn English. (From Norway) (And "Learn" is an Adjecktive)
For example "My son are going to school" And "Going" is an Adjective"
by Mr. Infinity North May 24, 2020
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