1. euphamism for sex
2. something (usually flashy like a lure) used to get sex
3. drugs, particularly cocaine, crack, or E
1. Hey little girl, want some candy?

2. Hey little girl, want some candy?

3. Hey little girl, want some candy?
by Joe Boggs December 24, 2003
candy is a lovely person with a great personality and good looking. every guy wants candy. always smiling and making jokes and cheerig everyone up. every girl wants to be a candy.
by kimilar February 2, 2011
drugs 4 kids!!!
kid on candy: "YEAH I'M THE KING OF THE WORLD!!!!!"
friend: "The hell is up with him?"
dad: "He's fucked up on fun dip and now he can't stop spazzing out."
friend: "Why the hell would you give him fun dip you know that shit fucks people up right?"
dad: "Relax, I just want little Timmy to have a good time during his birthday."
by Dubiks October 28, 2018
Code word for the club drug known as ecstacy.
by Joshiro007 February 16, 2003
a sweet food made of 100% sugar that children love to eat
by i've got the remedy August 16, 2004
1:The most kick ass substance ever! Made of 100% sugar! It comes in all flavors and is the equivalent of crack 4 kids!

2:Plastic jewelry worn at raves!

3:Code name 4 crack!
Any way u use it, Candy=FUN!
by Chrizzy May 4, 2006