When someone is too old to be insulted by "yo mama", simply give them "yo kids". This sends people into a towering rage, especially, if you happen to be sleeping with thier daughter.
Girlfriend's dad: I'm gonna ream yo ass!

Gumba: Your daughter! Last Tuesday when she was supposed to be shopping!

by Kung-Fu Jesus April 18, 2004
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When parents feed their young children, who do not know better or aren't given any healthy options, pure crap, resulting in juvenile onset diabetes. This should be considered child abuse.
Mom to already obese kid: Now what do you want for dinner? McDonald's, KFC, or Pizza Hut?

Obese Kid:We already had Pizza Hut for breakfast, and KFC for lunch, so let's go to McDonald's!

Mom to already obese kid: Ok, well get whatever you like sweetie!

Obese Kid: I want two double bacon cheese burgers, a large chocolate shake, and a large Coke.

Mom: Are you sure that's enough honey?

Obese Kid: Yeah....

Mom to Drive-Thru Attendant: He's going to need more than that, make that 4 double bacon cheeseburgers, and a large fry, large milkshake, and large Coke.

Drive-Thru Attendant: Damn lady! You should stop diabeating your kids!
by Unfortunate Truth July 8, 2012
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A way of saying “no way”. Either can be positive or negative.
Dylan: they have dark chocolate Reese’s now

Olivia: your kidding!!😱

Sarah: Josh is dating Katelyn again.
Olivia: your kidding...
by Thebeauty<3 December 21, 2017
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Dave Chapelle made this phrase famous in his own show.
See also I am rich, biatch, I am Rick James, bitch etc.
One funny ass motherfucking sonofabitch, hell yeah!
So you see his show. Season 2 where he is donating money to some streetmusicans while shouting "better not bring your kids", just funny!

"Better not bring your kids, bitch"
by mister ferrari April 15, 2008
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A phrase used as intimidation; used many times by Mike Tyson to intimidate his opponents before a match
I'm fucking crazy!! I'll eat your kids bitch!!
by Yalts March 30, 2008
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A term used to express extreme distaste and anger towards someone of low competence. (Especially when the person is a moronic, cliche douchebag)
Tyler: Hey, dude. Tell your mom I said "hi."
Phil: Shut the hell up. I'll eat your fuckin' kids.
by Phildo January 21, 2005
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