A passive form of abuse in which the perpetrator is responsible to provide care for a victim who is unable to care for oneself, but fails to provide adequate care to meet the victim's needs, thereby resulting in the victim's demise.
Neglect may include failing to provide sufficient supervision, nourishment, medical care or other needs for which the victim is helpless to provide for him/her/itself. The victim may be a child, physically or mentally disabled adult, animal, plant, or inanimate object.
by Caddynigga April 11, 2010
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principal got fired for it since he childed abused
ryan galante is neglect
by Savitar 4105 November 12, 2018
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When your significant other wont woozy you to sleep when you desperately need it.
Wow, i wish i could be woozyed to sleep by my boyfriend but instead im getting totally neglected.
by Neglectedgirlfriend November 03, 2018
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