someone who is black, and human
tyrone: i am a black person
joseph: k
by gauxapen March 22, 2021
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AFRICAN PEOPLE ( the type of person ) like caucasian, asian or latino...a black person is an african like a white person is a caucasian wherever he or she lives in the world; it has nothing to do with culture or's so simple !

African american people may reject this definition but things are like that, in fact hiding the term african behind black is's all the same !

Also, if you reject this definition that means that you think that we're all different, no colors no " groups of humans " not to say " races "...and that is true ! being 100% african, caucasian, asian is a joke genetically speaking...

to close the a dna test and if the result is more than 50% african you are black !

Being black is sometimes a mental construction that is impose to you by what the society want black people, african people to be...
black person nelson mandela, tracy mcgrady, chaka zulu, martin luther king
by KankanMusa August 4, 2009
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A black person that doesn't act like a nigger.
That Black Person is actually working. Glad to have a black person doing something in our society.
by AntRoni November 8, 2021
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A person who is black. They do not pronounce their e's or r's.

Not to be confused with nigger or african american There's a huge difference between the 3.
Person 1: Yo, look at that nigger over there!

Person 2: No dude, that's not a nigger, that's a black person!
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this is a term in which incorrectly labels people with ethnicity mainly from africa. (along with australia) "black" holds colors from mahogany to pink to purple to gray to brown to cocoa to red to some blackish hues (slang:burnt), all mixed together to get the ever-so-frequently used slur "BLACK". open your eyes people that result doesnt create human beings. "black" is not a culture. "black" is not a race. "black" is not a people. and I for-a-fact, canNOT be a fucking color.
person1- "hey "black" person help me get some mountain dew!" person 2- "I'm sorry, do I look like I fell out of a crayola crayon box? read my name tag and show some respect."
by b.c.c. April 10, 2009
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A Black Person is someone who has to fight racism and ignorance, who has to work twice as hard to prove him/herself to succeed in life, and is probably the most misunderstood and feared of all races.
Black Person
A hard working black man walking down the street wearing jeans dark jacket and a baseball cap sees white woman on the same side of the road coming towards him thinks to himself I should cross over to the other side of the road or put on my headphones to make her know that I am so not interested in attacking her! But she sees him and saves him the trouble by crossing over to the other side herself anyway..thank you!!
by Why oh why March 6, 2012
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