A hollow flexible tube for insertion into the urethra to drain urine from the bladder
Charlt - "I can't believe he tripped over your catheter cable."
Jorge - "Indeed, my penis hole is now 5 times as wide, yet bloody as an ox."
by Skott October 23, 2004
The craziest crazy straw you could ever sip on
i drank some piss out of that lady's catheter last night so i could get high on morphine metabolites
by roger denis November 21, 2010
The act of massaging the urethra with your tonuge until a woman uncontrollably urinates in your face.
Man I gave my bitch the catheter last night and she pissed in my face for 1 minute solid.
by dwb2010 February 5, 2010
A tube that is inserted into your Urethra that can be extended floor length, that will spit occasionally (like a snake) causing cats to chase you down the hospital corridor.
Julian was chased by the black cat as his catheter spat back
by Ads_77 November 22, 2010
doctor: it's time for your catheter!
by Dat Cat June 18, 2020
The way a Bonsai Kitten goes to the bathroom.
Dave: "How do those cats take a dump?"

Brandon: "They use a CATheter."
by Pooper Dave April 10, 2007
A sexual practice where urine is taken out from the bladder using a catheter, and replaced with wine or other alcohol. The fluid is then sucked from the man's penis.
"Hey, Joe's cathetering tonight! Bring your booze and get ready to slurp!"
by Arra November 2, 2005