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strife (a) to "smoke the cannibus.. is to smoke the strife" true statement... bitches.
"smoke the strife"
by Ryan May 30, 2004
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a stumpy person with no arms or very shorts legs.
by Ryan April 1, 2003
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This song can be interperted in many ways "by digging deeper" he may be talking about drugs, and the way he needs more to fill his craveing. Another logical reason is he is having sex and his "digging" to find something. He may be doing either.
by Ryan May 1, 2004
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Any type of sex.
Man I could sure go for some yummies right now.
by Ryan August 27, 2003
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my homeboy or best friend; usually used when the person in question hooks you up with a sweet deal
My main man just hooked me up with courtside seats to the Knicks.
by Ryan September 12, 2004
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When you fire Twinkies at things using a bow-and-arrow-like device.
I hear that idiot in Arbour Butte is gonna do the twinkie launch again.
by Ryan December 10, 2003
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