a college student who majors in this can forget about his life, because there will be no more time to do anything besides study, and then drink to forget how fucked you are. Study and drinking, that's about it. Also, engineers are known to have no sleeping pattern because of numerous all-nighters. There should be an amendment to the constitution to add an entire point to any engineering student's GPA, as only then will the scale be fair to everyone.
Business major: what's your major?
Engineering major: engineering.
Business major: (gets a mental image of engineering major stabbing himself with pencils, not sleeping for 36 hours straight, and failing multiple classes. Yet the engineering major is still 4 times smarter than the business major.)
by drew s December 10, 2007
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A hard major that results in a good job in the end. Only problem is that there aren't enough girls in engineering.
We need to encourage more girls to take up engineering so that engineering guys can get laid.
by atdevel12345 January 17, 2012
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An extremely hard course in university whereby the students of it have no life.
by Drew Strew September 17, 2005
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A major/field of study in college where there are no girls.
Engineering Boy: Hey, do you wanna come to our engineering party and solder electrical components while under the influence?

Normal Boy: Shut up you fucking loser, I'm going to a party where there are girls so I can laid...
by Young & Freedman September 28, 2005
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Where the noble semi-skilled workers execute the vision of those who are able to think and dream.
Michael started off college as a physics major but later switched to electrical engineering after realizing he was just not smart enough to ponder the mysteries of the Universe in any real meaningful way.
by PortlandScience May 2, 2012
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Engineering is the practice of mucking up once useful objects. Practitioners excel at telling skilled workers how to do things the engineers themselves have never done, nor are capable of learning. Engineers can expect to be paid menial wages while languishing in a cubicle and annoying productive people with endless demands for more submittals. Your life as an engineer will be designing stupid shit that laymen will fix in the field, and reviewing thousands of pages of eyewash to ensure that all systems are too comp-licated for the end users. Fortunately you will have months to incorrectly design systems that the talented technicians must build and install in weeks. They will make it work behind your back so you don't fly in on a site visit and fix things. You will be replaced in your prime by an intern and no one will notice or care that you are gone.
Engineering guy says let me explain how your car works while a skilled person fixes it.
by notanengineer January 3, 2017
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