Someone who is, bizarrely, so excessively gay as to actually do a full 180 degree turn in terms of sexual orientation. A very confused person.

Also a phrase used by complete idiots. I mean, really STUPID people. Am I right? Of course I'm right. Why else would I be typing it? I probably should have finished this definition a few lines ago.
"Duh, you're a gay homo"

"The gay society shunned Bob the gay homo for his double-gayness"
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gay homo same as

that is if i translate the latin

or happy same as

if i then use the old meaning

i would quite like to be called a gay homo it would realy mean being called the same as happyness and thats realy sweet
uhhr you gay homo

aww thanks thats realy nice

uhhr what i called you gay

yes and i am, very happy
by ice elemental April 16, 2004
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A term used to describe a friend who is acting very homosexual towards you or another person. Commonly used in a laid-back sense.
Mark- "Yo, dude. You're acting very gay gay homo gay"
Kyle- "Bro, he did have a tight ass though."
by aBrief_Inquiry May 26, 2021
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when something is more gay than gay. thus, makes it homo gay.
"Hawthorne High School is homo gay."
by pedro February 16, 2005
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used on SNL (saturday night live) by mango meaning just gay...probably could be used as super ultra uber gay
"Why does everyone think I'm the homo gay?"
-Mango (Chris Kattan)
by the homo gay March 12, 2005
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