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When an individual is consistently complaining because they can't have what they want.
Lea was being a pouty cakes after I told her she couldn't s*ck my d*ck.
by Ryan July 25, 2004
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N. 1 To talk to God 2 Get down on your knees and ask God for forgiveness
"Why do so many people pray to God on Sunday.......his day off......."
by Ryan September 09, 2004
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to pressure a member of the opposite sex or same sex for reasons of sexual favors.
Yo, i pressed that hoe sally. She put out like a loose slot in vegas.
by Ryan March 28, 2005
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An evildoer in the eyes of Der Fuhrer, George Bush
chkt cough cough immm huh chuh(choking)
by Ryan February 08, 2005
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Created solely as an attempt to display the author's intellectual prowess though actually void of real pith; intellectualism as style rather than substance. Often relies on heavy name dropping and erudite, obscure terminology instead of easily understood, common words.
As much as I like DJ Spooky, when he starts talking on the CD I always skip the tracks to avoid his long pseudointellectual musings.
by Ryan March 09, 2005
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What you go on when you want to see your favorite NFL team play every Sunday. It consists of a pudding only diet.

I'm on a pudding strike until I get to see the Tennessee Titans games in the Vigin Islands.
by Ryan October 23, 2004
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