A light and friendly term used to describe individuals who more commonly desire the male of the species.
Peter loves the cock!
by Alex September 22, 2003
Expression for a celebrity who doesn't admit he's gay.
Tom Cruise loves the cock
by Sebastian Be. April 18, 2006
1. A phrase referring to the infatuation of the male sex organ. More commonly used to tease friends or label a gay man, it can also be used for women.
2. A friendly name to call someone.
1. Wow, that guy just loves the cock.
2. Hey, loves the cock, go get me a beer.
by Giovanni March 22, 2004
A term for a gay male. Used after one's name to indicate that he is gay.
Edwin Cruz loves the cock.
by someone in windham June 27, 2003
A rather offensive term for a homosexual male who has fallen in love with another man or who thinks about men often.
Jay Dalwet loves the cock.
by Anonymous June 29, 2003
Viggen:Known to many on Ricecop.com
Viggen loves the cock.
by nobody June 21, 2003