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A expression used to let someone know that when they accuse you of stating untrue information they are in fact the ones who are in the wrong.
"Johnny, you're a stupid-head!"
"No, I'm not"


by Ryan December 03, 2003
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When someone does something completely and utterly retarded. A "Yoder" cannot be explained by logic, but by only shouting out, "Damn, what a fuckin Yoder."
When your drunk and tell a kid to take you and your keg back to your dorm room. Him being sober, reasonably comprehends he cannot bring a keg of beer into a dorm room but follows his friends directions without any discretion. "Damn what a Yoder."
by Ryan July 12, 2004
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1.) The one who gave birth to you.
2.) A possible greeting to your mother.
3.) The greatest types of insult jokes ever made.
4.) Who I slept with last night.
5.) The one who would die if she knew about your shady dealings in the cocaine trade.
Yo Mama Jokes:
Popular since the dawn of the 90s and still growing. Yo mama, bitch.
by Ryan October 16, 2004
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Cool,Awesome,Pwning,Best,Something that the "in-crowd" likes.
Tim is very yormen.
by Ryan February 25, 2004
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When a girl's pants are so tight you can read her lips. Also known as Camel Toe and Beaver Floss
Man, did you see that girl's zipper muffin? I coulda swore it said something to me.
by Ryan March 13, 2005
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