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Someone who is adicted to Sard Wonder Soap and is constantly cleaning with Sard Wonder Soap.. They live their life by it.
"my mum is doing the washing agin...i think shes a saadict"
by Ryan April 13, 2004
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touching one's genitals. can be used in various circumstances, e.g. sacktapper, sackmacker, sackslapper, et cetera. often used to insult one or to denote someone as a good friend.
didn't you, you sackTAPPER?
by Ryan September 22, 2003
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Safie's are people from South Africa. Like Aussie's are from Australia.
by Ryan November 21, 2004
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A SAGL is a Self-Appointed-Group-Leader. Someone who decides out of the blue that they are in charge, with little or no support from the rest of the group. They continue on their own direction whether the groups follows or not, believing them to be following.
Julie's acting like the SAGL again... damn that's annoying.
by Ryan November 27, 2004
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The captain of the 3rd squad of the Shinsengumi during the Bakamatsu in Japan in the 1800s. He later went on to be a police man by the name of Goro Fujita. He has also been incarnated in Rurouni Kenshin and has skills only second to Kenshin and uses his signature technique, the Gatotsu a powerful attack that is nearly unstoppable and was only evaded by Kenshin. He is probably the 3rd strongest and most skilled swordsman in the Rurouni Kenshin series(Kenshin being first and Hiko being second). He is also the only real main character in the series. He has thin eyes and wheres a police man suit.
Saito Hajime was the captain of the third squad of the Shinsengumi.
by Ryan February 23, 2005
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a way to play soccer, the hottest way possible. involves a bunch of flashy moves. note: sala soccer is only sala if the sala player is actually good.
DAMN! that mexican dude can work sala like no one ive ever seen!
by Ryan November 12, 2003
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Derivative from the act of "throwing salt" on one's game, any case in which one might deprecate another and embarrasingly so.
"Quit throwing S-A-L-T all over my G-A-M-E!"
by Ryan March 03, 2005
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