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an elephant is almost all japanese without a circumsized penis yuta to be exact
by ryan May 27, 2003
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A manic depressive sillies man who enjoys pie, cheese and bacon. He also enjoys video games, and is an ultra nooby pubby. He also plays DDR cause he's weird. We all hate him.
That guys an Embohl
by ryan November 13, 2003
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An acient Korean weapon manufactured in Richmond.
"Stand back or ill hit you with my Englweh!"
by ryan April 14, 2004
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to enroll.
to join up, enlist in, become part of. Most commonly referred to when one become a student and signs up for classes in college.
I just got done signing up for classes at Northern Kentucky today.
by ryan October 25, 2004
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Xbox Live God

Gamertag: en7rapmen7
"The best deagle aroun, give him his crown"
by ryan September 21, 2004
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A peach like fruit grown in the depths of EQUADIA
"id like a large equorg juice thanks"
by ryan April 14, 2004
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Fly fishing under a full moon in the Winter Solstice (on a lagoon in tasmania only)
"Tonight is winter solstoce, we must go down there for Eryinkan"
by ryan April 14, 2004
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