a. The hardcore version of being a chicken, or a wimp.

b. When your life in on the line. When you're about to get busted for something that could destroy you completely and you react by crying and whining.

Girl: Did you see that girl when she heard our test scores got posted online?

girl 2: ikr? she was like crying and sniffling all over. she such a sweaty ass.
by sweaty360 January 25, 2014
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This happens when someone sweats profusely from their ass and leaves their seat all wet so when the next person sits in it they get sweaty ass on them.
This person at our work sweats a lot and when I sat on their chair after they left my ass got all wet so now we call that chair the "Sweaty Ass Seat"
by dougiedog September 8, 2006
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The moist stamp of a bare female backside.
Ellen quickly toweled off and still naked, picked up the phone and dialed Rosie, not realizing that when she sat on the coffee table she inadvertently deposited a sweaty-ass-kiss precisely where Melissa would be enjoying her coffee in a few short hours.
by ohthree11 March 26, 2010
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when a woman or a man get fucked so hard in the ass it sweats
I had sweaty ass fuck last night because I fucked her so hard
by jumping tree October 12, 2007
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You're driving your car on a beautiful summers day, sweat is making its way down the curve of your back before dropping into the crease of your ass. You wiggle constantly trying to get comfortable because the sweat has nowhere to go as it slowly solidifies. PAINFUL
Cyril - 'Yo, why the f*** are you wriggling around on your chair?'
K - 'Because my ass is hairier than your head causing streams of sweat to meet and solidify in my crack, Damn motherfucker! This is PAIN! This is Sweaty Ass Syndrome!'
by James_Dean_007 November 14, 2013
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A sexual act in which the male tucks his member between his legs and bends over at which point the female approaches the male from behind and performs oral sex on him as his phallus is protruding from his ass region.
I was thrilled when my girlfriend finally agreed to do a sweaty ass-penis so I quickly tucked my penis between my legs and bent over. Soon I was enjoying some oral sex from behind.
by Zach Pearl December 6, 2010
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A large person who sweats from their ass during P.E. causing a large wet stain on the back of his shorts.
by jamie leek June 3, 2008
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