robitussin or other cough medicines condaining DXM, which drank in large uinatities makes you trip balls and feel itchy.
im gonna chug this bottle of robo and get percolated
by Officer Barbier June 10, 2003
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slang for robitussin when using it recreationally in large doses... makes you trip baddd. also called skittles. some people think its similar to acid. can cause closed and open eyed visuals.. and when your on it u have the weirdest thoughts youve ever had. its terrible if you take to much but if u take just the right amount it awesome. its also really fun to smoke weed wen ur on. it last for about 3-6 hours and then many people experience a hangover from hell. contains the chemical dextromethorphan hydrobromide or DXM for short. some people get nausea or start to itch.. overall if u have a good trip its amazingg. oh and the good thing about it is its not on drug tests.
damn dude last night i took 25 robos then smoked some dro and thought i was on a trip were i was never comin back.

the other night michael took 50 robos and laid on his bed thinkin it was a continent and his walls were other continents that he was tryin to take over... he was tripppinnn.
by luke daniel August 31, 2007
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short for robitussin. gives you a bad ass trip. me and my friend would take one full bottle each. it usually takes from like 30 to an hour to start taking effect. you are COMPLETELY numb. you feel like you can do absolutely anything. there isnt a damn thing wrong when you take it; you just feel happy as can be. i felt like hugging everyone. me and my friend would cry and it felt so good for some reason. i think it feels good to just sit down. and when you stand up..its so hard to explain unless you've taken it before, but you just wanna bounce around and you cant feel anything. it feels cool to close your eyes and spin around. i pierced my hips one time and i couldnt feel it AT ALL whatsoever. its my drug of choice even tho i gag at the thought of the taste. me and my friend would just tell eachother EVERYTHING. we have it all on tape and you just dont care what you say, so it would be a good idea to do it with a good friend that you wont regret telling them something personal. we felt really pretty for some reason and like we were just the best people on earth. we took millions of pictures and out hair was messed up and we looked horrible haha. the first time we did it, we had a hangover the next morning but it was damn well worth every second. you might feel sick and that you need to throw up. throw up if you can and you will probably feel better. but ive never thrown up from taking it in liquid form. its fun to go to a park at night or something and just act like a little kid. i also get really horny when im "robotized" but that might just be me. you will most likely slur your words so i think its best to do it at night where everyone is sleeping and wont disturb you. time goes by EXTREMELY slow. we would look at the clock and 2 minutes would have passed. and we would have talked about a hundred different things within those 2 minutes so it felt more like 10 minutes. all you wanna do is talk talk talk and move around alot. have a huge bottle of water or milk or something with you if you dont like the taste of cough syrup. and the best thing about it is ITS LEGAL, technically. where i live, you have to be eighteen to buy it tho. im only fourteen so me and my friend would go to k-mart and just steal a few bottles. we said some stupid shit. you kinda enter another world and have no sense of reality. i took a bottle a few days before the first day of school. i would normally be freaking out and be really nervous about it..but i felt absolutely amazing anyways. it erased everything bad in my life..for that night at least. i guess thats enough. this is just all MY perspective on robo. it may differ for other people.
things me and my friend would say. they will probably make no sense to anyone but this is just what we said while on robo.

"my curtains are like martha stuart on crack."
i said something about living in a "microsoft house"
"my phone number. whos that? THATS ME!"
we were gonna make a band called "dressanescence"
"i wanna spill my heart to my world and my world to my heart"
we wrote everything that we said in a notebook called "the hump book"
"it ran away, it doesnt like you!"
"dont look at the camera!!"
"you're the crack to my curtains"
we had this thing called "the conversation of our lives." it was a conversation we had where we just spilled out all our emotions and it was just amazing.
"that damn eye!" one of my eyes would always be closed but i wouldnt notice it. you can see better with one eye closed.
"i ran a mile to get tissues"
"schlump schlump schlump"
"i feel effing lovely!"
i had "mind control" over her cuz everytime i would move my head this certain way she would start doing it.
"penis, go down!"

thats it.
happy tripping.
by robitizedFUCKERrrrrr August 23, 2008
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A robot hobo, not to be confused with a romo.
Hobo1: "Let's give a friendly welcome to this new robo."
Bender: "What did you call me?!"
Hobo2: "A Robo. You know ... a robot hobo."
Bender: "Oh, ok, I thought you said romo."
by dirty houdini April 20, 2005
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one who is always right... i.e. who's never wrong
i think u are mistaken...shut up dude !! shes a robo .
by funkgaurav August 20, 2011
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if your a robo it pretty much means you always dog the boys
Guy 1: Look at that guy! He's such a robo!

Guy 2: I know right he grabbed my sisters tit the other day
by WWW gAng October 16, 2019
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Big gold metal guy in Chrono Trigger who can punch the shit out of enemies very fast once you learn that technique.
He can unlock stuff in 2300 AD
by ryan April 29, 2004
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