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Highly entertaining but “living extremely dangerously” person who loves to blow things up --- without proper preparation or training --- just to hear the huge thunderous booms. Usually has lots of buddies --- other equally careless/macho guys who pal around with him and assist him with his gloriously noisy tasks.
from "The Red Green Show" Patrick McKenna as Harold Green: Okay, it’s time to play the Possum Lodge Word Game, and playing for tonight’s grand prize is local demolitions expert, Mr. Edgar K. B. Montrose! K.B. stands for “Ka Boom”
Graham Greene as Edgar K. B. Montrose: Oh, I wouldn’t say I’m an explosives EXPERT, Harold --- I prefer to think of myself as just an explosives ENTHUSIAST!
Steve Smith as Red Green (in a tone of slightly wary sarcasm): Ya got a LICENSE to use high explosives, do ya, Edgar?
Graham Greene as Edgar K. B. Montrose (looking innocently puzzled): How do you mean?
by QuacksO July 11, 2013

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"Assistance from Hell", where the would-be "Good Samaritan" ends up just causing massive damage and/or making the situation worse with his well-meaning but ineffective/bumbling/destructive attempts to assist or rescue someone.
A classic example of Archie Andrews' demonstrating his high-strung kind-heartedness which usually ends up being nothing but "hellp": ignoring his elderly school-principal's vigorous declining protests, Archie repeatedly attempts to assist Mr. Weatherbee to get his yellow Volkswagen Beetle started, but ends up just completely wrecking the car and frightening Mrs. Weatherbee into a total frenzy.
by QuacksO May 09, 2013

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Mathematical term of division that you have to know in order to pass a college math course.
(alternate spellings: gazintas, gizintas, etc.)
Prof (to class): Does everyone know his guzintas?
Class: Duhhh???
Prof: Well, everyone has to know his guzintas. You have to know that two guzinta four two times, and four guzinta eight two times, and eight guzinta sixteen...
by QuacksO May 19, 2011

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A group of people in a particular geographical area who engage in mass-ejaculation on a regular basis.
I invited a few friends over for a sex-party, and before you know it, everybody and his brother dropped by wanting to join in --- we had a bleepin' cummunity there in less than two hours!
by QuacksO March 25, 2019

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Refers to the detailed "set of lies agreed upon" timeline of the slithery/scaly/legless sector of the world's reptilian population.
Bill Haast holds a Guinness world record as the only human in hisstory to survive a staggering number of venomous-snake bites (well over 170!). Plus he lived to be 100... go figger. Maybe snake venom can actually prolong life when administered under the properly-controlled conditions, just like bee stings can cure certain illnesses that "standard" medicine can't treat effectively.
by QuacksO September 28, 2018

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The inflated degree of hoped-for euphoria that one initially possesses when trying out a new psychedelic drug, spiritual/meditation regimen, etc.
It's not a good idea to have high expectations, especially if you have trouble handling disappointment. Everyone's metabolism and chemical makeup is different, so individual results and effects will vary widely (and WILDly).
by QuacksO April 03, 2018

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The legendary pseudo-warrior of Quaker descent with an abnormal craving for pre-cooked dry cereal.
The history-books have it all wrong --- Don Quick-Oats wasn't mistaking everyday objects for monsters or other fierce enemies; he would charge windmills merely in the hope of scoring some of the tasty freshly-ground grain stored inside of them.
by QuacksO March 13, 2018

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