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A couple of Silver Bullet "beer chasers" that you down after partaking of the "main event" ("somethin' tall and strong" that you'd asked the bartender to whip up for you while you're "wastin' away again in Margaritaville").
Alan Jackson: I'm feeling kinda woozy after that "hurricane" cocktail that I just drank --- at a moment like this, I can't help but wonder, "What would Jimmy Buffett do?"
Jimmy Buffett: Funny you should ask, Alan --- I'd recommend a couple of encoors... nuthin' like good ol' ice-cold Silver Bullets to make you "feel all right" again!
by QuacksO March 28, 2017
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Da overall robustness and longevity of a hinged/sliding wall-portion.
In da "Garrish Summit" segment of da "Bob and Ray Radio Show", da lack of corporate endoorance under da spineless Rodney Merchfield's leadership led to his selling said office-panels for $12 each to settle the week's petty-cash account.
by QuacksO April 16, 2022
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On his YouTube channel, Ron Pratt and his father drive their Polaris 4X4 deep into the woods to retrieve a stuck rental-van. Ron's father uses a combination of the side-by-side's electric winch and simultaneously revving the quad's motor to spin the alternator faster and thus create more pulling-capacity for the winch --- that's real enginuity.
by QuacksO October 15, 2018
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The little-known "counter-genius" to the infamous selfish-and self-promoting "fer me" physicist dude who began development of da whole nuclear-power/warfare mess.
Enrico Feryou was all "for you" --- i.e., he truly cared about the welfare of his fellow humans, not just about himself and his super-rich cronies --- and so he wanted to put a stop to nuclear research because it was too dangerous to the environment. Unfortunately, he had no "big business" backers the way his much-more-popular "fer me" counterpart did, and so his efforts to halt the development of atomic power and The Bomb failed, with predictable --- and horribly tragic --- results.
by QuacksO October 31, 2018
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Describes da untrue nature of da tongue-in-cheek "cell phone static" joke regarding da infamous Kenneth-Lay-founded mega-biz establishment in Texas.
Da preposterous "Cell phone static made da honest-and-honorable directive, 'Ship da documents to da Feds' sound like, 'Rip da documents to shreds'" theory was completely enroneous --- da company's corrupt officials did indeed destroy massive amounts of evidence, plain and simple.
by QuacksO February 18, 2022
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A mission embarked upon by a horny dude, with the objective being to get laid --- i.e., to access da warm juicy "prize" between a woman's legs by "entering" said delectable orifice wif his lulu.
Slick Willie apparently wasn't satisfied with just his own wife's crotch-offerings; da "stir-crazy stallion" instincts dat eternally smoldered between his own loins caused him to frequently embark on an "enter-prize" to seek possibly-greener pastures outside da matrimonial corral.
by QuacksO November 20, 2021
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Refers to an endeavor partaken of by an eager stud which involves seeking out da super-desirable "reward" dat's located between a gal's legs, and which he wishes to "go inside of".
Slick Willie apparently wasn't satisfied with just "doing it" with his wife Hillary, and so he was constantly embarked upon a long-term "enterprize" of scoring with any women he met who looked appealing to him.
by QuacksO May 9, 2022
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