An elaborate sex position/move where the executing partner shits on their partner's chest. They then leave the room and Tweet about how their partner shit themselves, effectively gaslighting them in an obviously unbelievable way.
"He just got dressed and left - gave a little wave with those tiny hands - like he didn't just Tronald Dump me a few minutes ago."
by SamHanwiches June 30, 2020
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Tronald Dump is tweeting. Who will he declare war on this time?
by Foolish_Samurai February 8, 2019
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the man who built Dump Towers

You're discharged
Dorkus: "Anyone who's anyone will be here: The Emperor, Princess Oomla, The Royal Court, even real estate empresario Tronald Dump!"
by Dorkus May 15, 2019
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Conspiracy theorist: Climate change is all a hoax, it will start to get cooler.

Smart person. You're following the rhetoric of a politician who thinks that injecting bleach will stop one from transmitting covid. How Tronald Dump of you.
by Rotten Turkey July 15, 2021
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A giant, unavoidable bowel movement whose aftermath can clear an entire house and leaves its shocked victims in a mood as foul as its odor.
The police did not need to confront the crowd with riot gear because the assembly quickly and peacefully dispersed after a protester took a steaming tronald dump on the Donald Trump sign, making any further presence in the vicinity too nauseating.
by Bogrimm November 12, 2016
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used when expressing an action of feeling ripped off, lied to, or decieved by; also can be used as "tronald dumping/ed/"

similar to are you pulling my leg and are you shittin' me.
dad: sooo i kind of took out your college funds to support my stamp collection..

by 5quirtle December 26, 2011
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