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Come wif me into the ally where I will show you my peener.
by SeptiK September 07, 2003
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Stands for "Work is for suckas". It is the phrase to voice one's own contempt for work yet bitter acceptance as a source of income.
coworker 1: "I have to go in early today to cover someone's shift."
coworker 2: "WIFS!"

friend 1: "Want to go get a cup of coffee?"
friend 2: "I can't, I'm at work."
friend 1: "Really? Why are you working right now?"
friend 2: "Because I've been working this same shift for several years now."
friend 1: "WIFS, man."
by notkasuo June 18, 2008
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Term used as a replacement for "with" when they are physically incapable or too stupid to say the word correctly due to a wop accent
"How da fuck am I gonna get along wif dis Jabroni?"
by captnich April 02, 2018
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