Come wif me into the ally where I will show you my peener.
by SeptiK September 8, 2003
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I is wif none uva den me main man Pat Bushnan
by ,,,,,,,,,, March 24, 2007
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Wow I'm Fucked up.Extremely stoned or drunk or both!
Cindy: Hey dude nabil how are you feeling?
Nabil: WIF!
by soulchild420 December 8, 2008
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<IO-> wifs == teh gay
<wifs> mMmm... anal passage...
by io June 19, 2003
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I wonder what my wif is doing for tea.

Come here wif, I want you.
by jedipunk September 9, 2003
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(W)isconsin (I)nbreed (F)aggot

Anyone from wisconsin knows the term FIB, (fucking illinois bastards). WIF is what people from illinois retort back to them. Being from illinois, you also have the satisfaction of knowing your better than everyone from wisconsin too.
None of these stupid WIF's know how to drive.
by Carl B September 14, 2004
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- failing to capitalize on an opportunity due to ones own ineptitude or lack of self control
- missing an obvious opportunity due to lack of foresight
1. I would have birdied that hole, but I wiffed a 2 foot put.
2. I should have had that job, but I got really nervous and wiffed the interview.
3. I could have bought business.com back in 2001 for $200 but I wiffed and bought isurelovebusiness.com instead...I just thought it sounded better.
by theoneDub October 9, 2007
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