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Da right of a candy-manufacturer to acquire private property for public use.
Sugary confections are bad for your health, so why should Mars, Incorporated be given eminemt domain of privately-owned land-parcels (which in all likelihood are currently being used for "healthful" purposes such as a domestic residence) just to further its own dissipative endeavors?
by QuacksO March 1, 2021
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Encouraging "I feel for ya" or "you got this" words, soothing/reassuring companionship, etc. dat you give someone who hates cutting da grass.
It always helps if several people gather around to give someone emowtional support during said boring/laborious lawn-trimming task, but of course it works even better if each of said attendants also takes a turn at pushing da machine. Even more extra points if said assistants being their own turf-choppers, as well, so dat several people can have at said expansive Greenacres at once, and thus da vegetation-shortening task gets done in record time.
by QuacksO July 23, 2019
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Describes a forcefully-presented monologue which includes one or more "raspy releases" emitted by the speaker, seemingly in an effort to add extra impact and credence to whatever was being said. Usually has the complete opposite effect (i.e., it actually reduces the perceived value/validity/interest of said speech) in the ears of its listeners, of course, since their disgusted and/or amused reactions to said anal indiscretion causes them to largely forget/disregard the actual content of said verbal presentation.
Making an emphartically-charged statement can also sometimes have a decidedly UNdesired "attention-drawing" effect on something you're saying, of course --- if you are either NOT trying to draw attention to yourself while speaking with someone and/or you are wanting to "slip one by him" (i.e., casually mention something that you hope he will agree to without really paying too much attention to what you're actually suggesting/requesting), "letting a loud one" can really mess up your plans, since it may cause others in your vicinity to notice and pay attention to you more than they had been before, ruining your efforts to "keep a low profile".
by QuacksO February 10, 2020
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Vintage tobacco-product ads and other related crap that a select few touched-in-the-head antique-freaks actually view as collectables.
Now that not so many people buy their cigarettes anymore, tobacco companies are gonna hafta resort to making reprints of their old now-illegal ads to sell to emphemera collectors.
by QuacksO April 28, 2018
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Da clueless dumba** individuals who are actually inside da fancy logo-emblazoned cloth outfits dat said personnel-members wear while they are working at said business establishment.
Disgusted store-customer: I always ask to speak directly to da manager whenever I have a question, concern, or complaint --- all of da lower-level staff are just a bunch of employee uninforms!
by QuacksO December 9, 2020
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Derisive term for a sizable number of acquaintances of someone with a dubious reputation who make praising statements about the individual's character/morals, offer to co-sign a loan he's requesting, etc., but who are of comparably-questionable integrity themselves, are also broke, etc., and so their own word and/or reliability is viewed as not being much more of a legitimate guarantee than the promises of the person they're vouching for. In other words, "quantito, but not qualito"... lots of impressive-looking "containers", but with no actual/tangible/legitimate "goods" inside of said containers.
Loan officer: I always feel really wary/suspicious whenever someone of unknown/questionable reputation asks for a loan and offers to bring in a number of other folks to vouch for his character, reliability, and financial responsibility --- "methinks he doth protest too much", plus usually his so-called "witnesses" appear to merely be an "empty-boxcars train of assurers"... they seem no more trustworthy than I would view the loan-requester himself as being, and so their voluminous praise/recommendations hold little significance and inspire little confidence in me regarding whether the loan-requester would actually possess adequate means/motivation/dedication to repay the money. I feel something like how the lady-attorney in "Losing Isaiah" did when she pointed out that the members of the "support group" whom ex-druggie/shoplifter Khaila had named as the people who were assisting her in her efforts to "go straight" and "live clean" had themselves all been former drug-users and/or criminals, and so she felt that they should not be considered to be viable/reliable helpers to prevent Khaila from relapsing.
by QuacksO September 21, 2018
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Derisive term for a situation where a chronic moocher tries to temptingly persuade you to "just give him one very last loan" supposedly in order to enable him to accomplish whatever he needs to do in order to become able to finally pay you back all that he owes you --- and possibly a bit extra as a gratitude gesture --- in one lump sum. The idea is that he still does not even possess a real "carrot" --- i.e., any actual cold hard cash --- to offer you, but he is merely offering you the empty-talk promise of a "whole bag or carrots" --- i.e., a large one-time payment-amount that is far greater than any of the individual loans you have given him so far -- if you continue to bust your a** on his behalf. And of course, this assertion, too, is itself usually just another worthless promise, similar to all the other times when said handout-seeker has come bawling and blubbering to you for financial assistance in the past.
The local preacher tried to tell me that if I toil my butt off and live a life of strict propriety and chastity, **maybe** I will be given great rewards in Heaven. Sounds like a classic "empty carrots-bag on a stick" promise to me --- why should I suffer the agonies of an extra-hard and boring existence, especially when I am not even assured of any recognition or benefits for my efforts, anyway???
by QuacksO December 8, 2018
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