Deriving from ‘have to’, or ‘have+{infinitive}’ broken down into ‘have+to+{verb}’ but minus the verb, ‘hafta’ works as a verb-modifying adverb taking the place of the modal-auxilary ‘must’ which means literally ‘to be required to __’. In colloquial speech (as opposed to ‘formal speech’ under which you would not use this word{hafta}}, it means simply to have a strong desire towards, or want for, doing {something}, with the ‘something’ usually seen through the eyes of the speaker as a *necessity* (even if in actuality it is no more than icing on the cake).

Synonyms: haveto, have to, must, ’ve to, oughtta{ought to}, wanna\wanta{want to}, gotta{got to}

See also: musta\must’ve(must have..not nonsensical ‘must of’), shoulda\should’ve{should have..not nonsensical ‘should of’}, ta\tta, -ta\-tta, t‘be
spoiled teen: I just *hafta* have it!!

"I hafta go now.. Talk t‘ya later."
by Victor Van Styn August 12, 2005
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being obligated to preform a given task
a verb, meaning "have to"
Did you hafta go and boink her before dinner?
Now you havta take a shower.
by Kimmie H October 19, 2006
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Deriving from the phrase ‘have to’(which is have+infinitive, broken-down into have+to+{verb}, but minus the verb), ‘hafta’ usually functions as a verb-modifying adverb replacing the modal-auxiliary ‘must’, ‘required to ___’; used to show a strong desire toward, or want for, doing something.

See also: gotsta, wanna, oughtta, tta\-tta
spoiled teen: “I just *hafta* have it!!”
by Victor Van Styn August 10, 2005
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Anyone, especially a senior citizen, handicapped person, or person with a child or children, that you "hafta" leave a seat on the bus, train, or plane.
It's the weekend, and you know what that means: the bus schedules are all FUAU and every hafta and his dog is getting on the bus to go shopping!
by pentozali November 30, 2006
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A not-to-be-missed social or entertainment opportunity unique to Indiana, the "Hoosier State."
The Tipton Pork Festival is a Hoosier Hafta every Summer.

The great fire-roasted corn on the cob from the Taylor Township Lions Club helps to make the Howard County 4-H Fair a Hoosier Hafta!
by virtualjr September 9, 2010
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A wry remark intended to make light of da fact dat a period of da winter has been very rainy.
Jokingly telling fellow adults dat, "At least we don't hafta shovel liquid water" may indeed make them feel better about a drearily-wet portion of da end/beginning-of-year season, but small children may not be over impressed or cheered by said statement, since they would much prefer to have snow dat dey could go out and play in.
by QuacksO November 22, 2021
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