when the man you thought wanted to be with you &loved you, always has to call back &is constantly drinking &having hangovers.
woah, jessica feels unworthy for her crush.
by buulsh April 24, 2007
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guys who want to get with you and when they find out you wont sleep with them start being douchebags
almost all of the boys at uwo are unworthies
by so.not.a.slut January 26, 2010
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The feeling of not being worthy of love is when you date people you don't think you deserve, you reject the good ones of feeling like there to good for you and that you don't deserve them. Being unworthy of love could also make you feel like you don't deserve love at all and that nobody could truly love someone like you
I have difficulty seeing myself as worthy of love. I doubt I’ll ever find a partner. I feel alone and unlovable. I am unworthy of love
by Waytowitch June 6, 2017
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life unworthy of life
one of the nazi ideologies which involves in the idea which some life are not worthy of having a life
Nazi one: Heard about the jews?
Nazi two: You mean the people who have life unworthy of life?
by antilife October 17, 2009
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The opposite of worthy or equal.
That little faggot punk was unworthy of being in the presence of one of the alphas, male or female.
by The Original Agahnim August 31, 2021
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