Until I was 6 years and 8 month, I could only partially take off my boxer brief undies!
by Turo Fernandez June 6, 2020
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when the question "nudes?" fail, you turn to a different question, "partials?". Partials meaning to get pictures of them partially naked. Could consist of them being in their bra & underwear, underwear & covering their boobs, or some kind of "tease shot".
Some girl didn't want to send me nudes, so I asked her for some partials. They were more satisfying then not getting anything at all.

Guy: Hey baby you wanna send me some nudes?
Girl: I don't think so.
Guy: How about you send me some partials?
Girl: I'll think about it.

Partials OR GTFO :D
by phonesexaffairs August 22, 2010
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a partial erection. Not quite a hard on or a boner.
That shorty aint too bad. I know whatcha mean, she gave me a partial
by Papawood December 9, 2003
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When someone is able to take their teeth out in order to give fellatio.
"Did she give you a partial"
by quirkymercy January 23, 2014
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an almost useless hard-on. the state of a dickbetween flaccid and proudly erect
the thong I had on was so tight it kept my dick folded inhalf, I never got a stiffy I was held to a partial the whole day.
by themacal November 29, 2006
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1. For sluts who you don't trust with a real dick pic
2. A picture that exposes a small area of the private parts to illicit further interest without complete compromise
Dude she's so fucking sketchy, the only thing she's getting from me on snapchat is a sexy partial.

Omg, I got so wet thinking about what his dick looks like after he sent me a sexy partial.
by Townhouse 11 July 3, 2013
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When you bed a girl but she doesn't stay the night.
Tor: "Wow you guys watched TWO movies back to back. I hope you got some kissy kissy time in"
Ryan: "You'd think. It was a partial bedding. She was waiting for move, but I laid like a pencil instead and walked her home afterwards in absolute shame"
by BrysonStrong August 21, 2021
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