A systematic plan of any kind.
In exercises, it'd be like going through a regimen of situps, then followed by push-ups, followed by stretches, and then maybe situps again.
All systematic, all pre-planned.
by mexicanpolicesquad July 15, 2005
An unhealthy diet, leading to rapid weight gain.
Boy, Larry's gained 25 lbs. in the last couple of months. He must have himself on a strict pie regimen.
by F. Scott August 31, 2007
1. A specific plan or routine that involves taking a consistent, minimum dose of caffeine in the morning and a consistent, minimum dose of melatonin at night in order to improve the chances of falling asleep at night.

2. A strategy used to regulate sleep patterns and improve overall sleep quality by balancing daytime alertness and nighttime sleepiness.

3. A way to hack your own biology by manipulating the levels of two naturally occurring compounds in your body.
I'm trying to develop a healthy sleep routine, so I've started a Caffeine-Melatonin Regimen and I'm sticking to it.
by Phieyl January 16, 2023